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October 11, 2023
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November 10, 2023
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November 23-26, 2023
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About Us

The SafeZone Program seeks to provide a safe space on campus for LGBTQIQ students, faculty, staff, and administrators by:
  • Establishing a campus-wide network of visible allies that provide support, assistance, and information to the LGBTQIQ community.
  • Ensuring an environment on campus that supports the academic and professional success of the LGBTQIQ community.
  • Fostering an atmosphere that enhances the personal and social growth of the LGBTQIQ community on campus.
  • Providing training and other professional development opportunities that help create and maintain a safe, supportive, and non-discriminatory environment for LGBTQIQ students, faculty, staff, and administrators.
  • Enabling opportunities for CSM faculty, staff, administrators, and students to demonstrate their support for those in the LGBTQIQ community.
  • Encouraging faculty to develop curriculum that promotes inclusivity and highlights the history, achievements, and accomplishments of the LGBTQIQ community.
  • Educating members of the campus community about the CSM SafeZone Program and about ways to respond effectively to the needs and concerns of the LGBTQIQ community.
  • Providing programming via speakers, outside professionals, and other events and activities to educate the campus community about the damage that results from homophobia; about the privileges gained through gender role compliance; and about the risks that result from gender role noncompliance.
  • Implementing the College’s Mission and Diversity statements by providing education, programming, and institutional support for LGBTQIQ students, faculty, staff, and administrators.