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Summer 2020 grades available
Thursday, August 13, 2020
Fall Semester 2020 begins
Wednesday, August 19, 2020
Labor Day Weekend
September 5-7, 2020
Sexual Misconduct & Title IX
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Testimonials & Press


"An inspirational, engaging and tremendously informative class taught by a very knowledgeable and experienced teacher."
— Sybille Draper, mother of 3 and aspiring fitness instructor

"Sarah’s extensive Pilates background and insight into the human body set her in a league of her own. Each mat exercise is clearly explained including various modifications and precautions. Ample time is provided for practice teaching. This class has inspired me to further my own practice."
— Lily Wang, group fitness instructor, San Mateo Athletic Club

"The Pilates certificate program at College of San Mateo is wonderful and all I hoped it would be. The semester format is excellent. The facility is absolutely gorgeous. The cost of the program is what I have been waiting for, since the program is at a very professional level, yet is offered at community college prices. I am already using the Pilates work with my clients."
— Susan Sullivan, certified personal trainer

"My first experience with Pilates was with Carola Trier in NYC. I’ve been teaching Pilates Mat for 8 years. This is an ideal opportunity to be Pilates certified. Great information, new ideas, and excellent instruction to enhance my teaching."
— Kevin Simmers, Kinesiology faculty, Skyline College