Pilates at College of San Mateo - Certificate of Achievement
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Specialized Pilates Instructor

Pilates is a mind-body method of exercise using a floor mat and a variety of equipment to improve ones strength, flexibility, agility and performance. Pilates increases core strength and teaches body awareness, good posture and efficient movement patterns. The Specialized Pilates Instructor Certificate prepares students to teach at a health club, fitness center, privately owned studio, or as an independent contractor. The program includes instruction in the technique, pedagogy, history and theory behind Pilates. Students procure personal sessions, observation hours, and student teaching hours in each of the program’s core courses. In addition, students choose 2-3 additional elective courses to create an individualized program that suits their career goals.

The goal of the Certificate of Achievement in Pilates is to provide training to prepare students for a career in fitness and/or Pilates. The program is also focused on providing continuing education for professionals already working in the fields of fitness, health, kinesiology, physical therapy, sports medicine/athletic training, and massage. Pilates develops students physically as well as academically. The Pilates Certificate program includes instruction in the technique, pedagogy, history and theory behind Pilates. Students procure personal sessions, observation hours, and student teaching hours in each of the program’s core courses. Upon completion of the certificate program, students will be prepared to teach at a health club, fitness center, privately owned studio, or as an independent contractor.

Certificate Requirements

  • 18-21 semester units
  • Balanced Body Lab Hours: 25 Mat personal sessions and 45 student teaching hours or
    20 Mat personal sessions, 15 observation hours, and 35 student teaching hours.
  • A grade of "C" or higher is required for each course applied to the certificate.
Required Core Courses

KINE 125 Pilates Mat Instructor Training 3 units
KINE 126 Pilates Reformer Instructor Training 3 units
KINE 127 Pilates Apparatus Instructor Training 3 units
FITN 335.1 Pilates I 1 unit
FITN 335.2 Pilates II 1 unit
FITN 335.3 Pilates III 1 unit
FITN 335.4 Pilates IV 1 unit
KINE 300 Anatomy in Motion 3 units

Elective Courses (5-8 units):

AQUA 135.1 Aqua Exercise I 1 unit
AQUA 135.2 Aqua Exercise II 1 unit
AQUA 135.3 Aqua Exercise III 1 unit
AQUA 135.4 Aqua Exercise IV 1 unit
ACTG 100 Accounting Procedures 3 units
BIOL 310 Nutrition 3 units
BUS 100 Contemporary American Business 3 units
BUS 150 Small Business management 3 units
FITN 334.1 Yoga I 0.5-1 unit
FITN 334.2 Yoga II 0.5-1 unit
FITN 334.3 Yoga III 0.5-1 unit
FITN 334.4 Yoga IV 0.5-1 unit
FITN 201.1 Weight Training I 0.5-1 unit
FITN 201.2 Weight Training II 0.5-1 unit
FITN 201.3 Weight Training III 0.5-1 unit
FITN 201.4 Weight Training IV 0.5-1 unit
FITN 225 Athletic Conditioning 0.5-2 units
FITN 226 Plyometric Conditioning 0.5-1 unit
FITN 301.1 Indoor Cycling I 0.5-1 unit
FITN 301.2 Indoor Cycling II 0.5-1 unit
FITN 301.3 Indoor Cycling III 0.5-1 unit
FITN 301.4 Indoor Cycling IV 0.5-1 unit
KINE 101 Introduction to Kinesiology 3 units
KINE 119 First AID/Adult and Pediatric CPR 3 units
PSYC 100 General Psychology 3 units
PSYC 200 Developmental Psychology 3 units
PSYC 220 Introduction to Psychobiology 3 units
COMM 130 Interpersonal Communication 3 units
COMM 150 Intercultural Communication 3 units
BIOL 130 Human Biology 3 units
BIOL 250 Human Anatomy 4 units

Gainful Employment Disclosure Information