Broadcast & Electronic Media (Digital Media) at College of San Mateo - Course Descriptions
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Broadcast & Electronic Media (Digital Media)
Course Descriptions

College of San Mateo is a great place to start your career in broadcasting. The curriculum and digital equipment offer real world experience in a professional studio or out in the field. Both settings provide high end digital broadcast equipment for hands-on training. CSM offers courses that help guide students in finding their best fit in the competitive broadcast industry. This is where they can experience what it’s like to operate a camera, design a lighting plot, run a multichannel audio board, write scripts, produce, direct, or be on-air talent.

Most broadcasting students begin their CSM experience with our introductory lecture course in Digital Media - DGME 100 Media in Society (formerly BCST 110 Electronic Media in Society). This class challenges students to examine their own media uses and dependencies while offering an overview of media history, development, theory, and media's effects on society. DGME 100 is a General Education course for all majors and is UC and CSU transferable.