The Writing Center at College of San Mateo - English 850 and ESL 850 Workshops: About Us
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The Writing Center

English 850 and ESL 907/908: About the Courses

What are these courses?
English 850 and ESL 907/908 are courses that allow you to make regular one-on-one appointments with an English or ESL instructor who will help you with your writing. After you enroll in the course, you will be asked to choose a Writing Center instructor who is available during the hours that you can come. Your instructor will give you assignments throughout the semester to address your specific needs.

Do I need to enroll in English 850 or ESL 907/908 to use the Writing Center?
If you are enrolled in English 828, 838, 100, 105, 110, 165, or ESL 400, you have free access to the Writing Center and do not have to register for English 850 or ESL 907/908.  

How do I enroll?

1. To register for English 850 or ESL 907/908, add the course on WebSMART or go to the Admissions Office.

2. If you are unable to register through WebSMART for English 850 or ESL 907/908, come to the Writing Center (Room 18-104) and ask the instructional aide to help you register for the class. Because English 850 and ESL 907/908 are open-entry classes, you may add them any time during the semester.

3. Attend an Orientation session at the Writing Center. Check your CSM email or call the Center for dates and times.

4. Speak with one of the instructional aides in the Writing Center. He or she will show you how to sign up for your first conference and will make sure that you have a folder that we will keep in the center. In addition to the folder, you will have an Online Reporting Form. This is a Google doc that will have a record of your plan for the course, and a sign-off for each conference that you have with instructors in the center.

5. Prepare an Entry Writing Sample before your first conference so that an instructor can evaluate your needs. Keep this sample in your folder permanently.

6. Every time you come in to work in the Writing Center, remember to sign in and sign out using the touchscreen computer at the front desk. This records the hours that you complete for the course. Over the semester, check that you are meeting the required hours.

7. Before your last conference with an instructor, you must prepare an Exit Writing Sample. At the last conference, you and your instructor will discuss your progress during the semester. The instructor can then sign the “Last Conference” section on the Online Reporting Form.