College Policies at College of San Mateo - Step 6: Appeal to the Chancellor
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Sexual Misconduct & Title IX
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College Policies
Step 6: Appeal to the Chancellor
  1. The student may appeal, in writing, to the Chancellor-Superintendent within five calendar days* after receipt of the decision of the President. The Chancellor, or his/her designee, shall provide the student with a hearing, if requested, and shall review the appeal. A written notice of the decision of the Chancellor shall be provided to the student within ten calendar days* of the review of the student’s written appeal. The student shall be advised in writing of his/her further rights of appeal.

  2. The student may request the Chancellor to review findings or a sanction recommended as a result of the Student Disciplinary Hearing only if it addresses either 1) due process or 2) new information.

    • Due Process: Specific instances or conduct that the accused student claims resulted in a Student Disciplinary Hearing that was not conducted fairly in light of the charges and information presented, and that denied the student a reasonable opportunity to prepare and to present a response to the allegations.

    • New Information: If there is new information sufficient to alter a factual finding or recommendation not brought out in the original hearing, because such information was not known to the student at the time of the original Student Disciplinary Hearing. Information shall not be considered “new information” if the student could have learned of the
      information by avenues reasonably available to him/her.

  3. The decision on appeal shall be reached within five (5) days* after receipt of the appeal documents. Copies of the Chancellor's appeal decision shall be sent to the student and the Chairperson of the Disciplinary Board.
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