Chinese at College of San Mateo - Overview
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Tips for the start of the semester
Parking, waitlists & more!
Martin Luther King Day Holiday
Monday, January 16, 2017
Spring 2017 Semester begins
Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Sexual Misconduct & Title IX
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Jing Wu

(650) 574-6341
Given the multinational nature of the business world today, fluency in a foreign language, such as Chinese, increases an individualʼs marketability and value in the areas of banking, consular and junior foreign service, education, import/ export business, international business, international relations, medicine, nursing, overseas employment, police work, social security, translating/interpreting services, and social services.

In addition to providing skills in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing Chinese, the major provides a greater understanding of Chinese culture and civilization and prepares students for greater international and domestic career opportunities.

Specific career opportunities include attaché, buyer, diplomatic officer, immigration inspector, interpreter, journalist, teacher/professor, and tutor.