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The Writing Center
ESL Tutorials and Exercises

You can print all of the following tutorials at home or use the tutorial binders in the English 800 Center or Writing Center.  Read the explanation, write out the answers, and make an appointment with an English 800 Center or Writing Center instructor to review your work. Please do not print tutorials in the Writing Center. Thank you.

Writing Clearly

Unit 1 Verb Tenses 
Unit 2 Verb Forms
Unit 3 Modals
Unit 4 Conditional Sentences
Unit 5 Passive Voice
Unit 6 Relative, Adverbial, and Noun Clauses
Unit 7 Sentence Structure
Unit 8 Word Order
Unit 9 Connecting Words
Unit 10 Subject-Verb Agreement
Unit 11 Articles
Unit 12 Singular and Plural of Nouns
Unit 13 Word Choice
Unit 14 Word Forms
Unit 15 Prepositions

Plagiarism Prevention

Plagiarism Module

ESL Grammar Tutorials

Simple Present Tense


The Complete Sentence
Passive Voice
The Verb Phrase
The Verb Tenses
Word Forms


Use of Articles