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New Student-Athletes Only

Please read the Introductory Letter.   The following three items need to be completed and on file in the CSM Sports Medicine Clinic before participating in CSM athletics:  

  1. Pre-participation Sports Screening
  2. SWOL account
  3. ImPACT test (if applicable). Testing dates will be assigned by the Sports Medicine Staff. 

Returning Student-Athletes Only

If you are returning student-athlete who has participated in CSM athletics prior to the new/current season, and your contact or health insurance information has not changed, please only download the following form: 

  1.  Returning Student-Athlete pre-participation form


Every student enrolled in intercollegiate athletics is insured by CSM as accidental injury. The CSM insurance policy is secondary to the insurance that student may already have. For students with HMO, they must use the medical services provided by that plan. Not all injuries from sports are covered by the school insurance.  Insurance claims may be denied for students that are not enrolled in athletics or those that fail to report injuries, fill out claim forms, or submit bills. Any bills from an accident must be submitted to the student's primary insurance and the school insurance immediately.Please contact the CSM sports medicine staff for instructions on how to file a claim.