Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) at College of San Mateo - Resources
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Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)


For general information on planning, writing and assessing outcomes, check the toolkit.


NOTE: CSM's assessment process changed in Fall 2018. Materials from an earlier date may include out-dated information.

Assessment Training Workshops: Explaining CSM's assessment requirements, and how to fulfil them.

General Training Workshops: Some general hows and whys of assessing student learning.

Program Review Workshops: Getting through Program Review!
  • Assessment and Program Review: Overview  - Fall flex day, August 2018 (YouTube)
  • Assessment and Program Review: Quick FAQs - Fall flex day, October 2018 (YouTube)
  • Assessment and Program Review: Instruction - Fall 2018 (YouTube)
  • Assessment and Program Review: Student Services - Fall 2018 (YouTube)
  • Assessment and Program Review: Learning Centers - Fall 2018 (YouTube)
ILO Workshops: Fall workshops focused on specific institutional learning outcomes.

Fall 2018: Effective Communication, Critical Thinking, Quantitative Reasoning - Taking Assessment Beyond the Classroom (Flex day, August 2018)
In this workshop, three interdisciplinary faculty groups created interdisciplinary rubrics to assess an ILO.

    • Effective Communication
    • Quantitative Reasoning
    • Critical Thinking
Developing Assessments - Workshops

What Are They Learning? Taking Assessment Beyond The Classroom (Summer 2018)
In this workshop, an interdisciplinary group of faculty brainstormed ways to take a snapshot of student learning outside the usual classroom / service setting (i.e., at the institutional or program level)

Archived Workshops

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