Promise Scholars Program at College of San Mateo - Four Components
Promise Scholars Program

Four Components

  1. Free tuition for your first-year: Enroll in at least 12 units or more and get your tuition and fees covered. Students who enroll full-time are show a higher rate of meeting their intended academic goals. With that in mind, Year One Promise students are required to enroll full-time, that means enrolling in 12 units or more both Fall and Spring semester.

    Year One Promise counselors work with our students to recommend specific classes to take each term, based on each students educational goal.
  2. Money for Textbooks: Up to $750/year covered for textbooks from the CSM Bookstore.

    Each semester, students have up to $300 (Fall & Spring) and $150 (Summer 2019) to spend in the CSM Bookstore towards their textbooks. We work with our bookstore to ensure students have easy access to the texts needed for each class. Textbooks that students’ access are part of the textbook rental program. All textbooks accessed with Year One Promise funds are required to be returned to the CSM Bookstore at the end of the semester.
  3. Academic & Career Support: From academic counseling to career fairs to Year One Promise events, you will be joining a strong first-year community supported by Year One Promise faculty & staff.

    Based on your academic and career goals, your Year One Promise counselor will recommend certain events and activities for you to attend during the semester. We work with different resource offices around campus to connect you to events related to Transfer, Career, Major and more!
  4. A Summer Experience: Get familiar with college expectations, college life, and the College of San Mateo campus by participating in our 1-week summer experiences: Pathway to College and/or Math Jam.

    Take some time out of your summer to get acclimated to campus life at CSM. Students who attend a Summer Experience report that it is an easy way to transition into college. Both Pathway to College and Math Jam offer students the opportunity to meet faculty and staff, get familiar with the campus and jumpstart the fall semester through specific coursework.