Professional Development at College of San Mateo - Flex Day
Professional Development
Flex Day

Flex Days provide an opportunity for faculty, staff and administrators to come together for focused professional development activities. Sessions can address all-campus issues as well as focus on more specific training.
August 17 Flex Day planning is underway!
Please submit your proposals by May 14. We know that sharing and collaborating with our colleagues, even virtually, is a great way to maintain our positive thoughts as we hopefully round the corner of this pandemic. Topics we’re highlighting are wellness, equity, and technology. Don’t worry about being an expert! Facilitating a discussion and/or workshop about an issue of interest is encouraged.

Propose a Flex Day session

You don’t need to wait for our proposal request. Feel free to submit a proposal or recommendation for ANY of our upcoming 2021-2022 Flex Days! (August 17, October 13, January 13-14, and April 22).

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