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Planning, Research, Innovation and Effectiveness (PRIE)

Strategic Goals

CSM Strategic Goals

Our Education Master Planning process identified the following 5 Strategic priorities for CSM.  An implementation plan for these priorities is under development.  We expect the plan to be complete, using campus-wide input by December 2019.

Annually, IPC develops strategic goals, reviews CSM's progress in addressing those priorities, and makes a recommendations to the president for approval. This document is being reviewed and updated by IPC in 2018-19.

SMCCCD Strategic Goals

CSM has adopted the Students First SMCCCD Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan Metrics can be found at the bottom of the District Strategic Plan's webpage. Data are reported for first-time student cohorts. Searchable by District or College for the following:

  • Cohort Characteristics
  • Persistence
  • Student Educational Plan Completion
  • Math Enrollment
  • English Enrollment
  • Transfer Math Completion
  • Transfer English Completion
  • Degree Completion
  • Awards
  • Awards Utilizing Online Coursework
  • Online/Distance Education Enrollments
  • Course Outcome Modality Comparison
  • Modality Comparison by College
  • Modality Comparison by Department
  • High School Graduate Enrollment
  • High School Detail
  • UC & CSU Transfer Counts