Key Institutional Documents

Institutional Statements

CSM’s Mission, Vision, Values, and Diversity Statements (Word)

CSM’s Mission, Vision, Values, and Diversity Statements (PDF)

Strategic Planning

5 in 5 College Strategies Summary Spring 2011

5 in 5 College Strategies Details Spring 2011

CSM Institutional Priorities, 2008-2011

2008-2013 College of San Mateo Strategic Plan

2008-2013 College of San Mateo Strategic Plan (Summary of Goals only)

Message from the President, 2008-2013 Strategic Plan

CSM’s Strategic Plan, 2006-2008

Institutional Committee Plans: 2009-2012

Budget Planning Committee Plan, DIAG Plan, Enrollment Management Plan, Human Resources Committee Plan, Technology Committee Plan

College Index

College Index, 2009-2010 (8-31-2010) Interactive 

College Index, 2009-2010 (8-31-2010) Interactive 

Comprehensive Listing of indicators and Measures, 2009-2010

Glossary for College Index

Examples of Indicator Profiles


CSM’s Division and Department Workplan Form

Division/Department Workplans, Spring 2009

Integrated Planning Calendar

Note: the Planning Cycle document contains links to detailed calendars for Budget Development,; Committee on Instruction; Program Review/PIV, and Office of Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE)

CSM's Planning Cycle - All Plans, 2006-2017

Organizational Reporting Charts NEW

College of San Mateo, 2011-12

Student Services Programs, 2011-12

Instructional Programs, 2011-2012

CSM Course Outlines

Link to Course Outlines


Technology Plan, 2002-2005

Technology Plan, 1995


Enrollment Management

Enrollment Management Plan, 2004-2005

Institutional Advancement (Fundraising & Development)

Institutional Advancement Plan, 1999


Faculty Handbook 2011-2012

Student Equity

Student Equity Plan, 2005

Student Equity Plan, 1993


Matriculation Plan, 2005

Student Services Planning

Student Services Planning Document, 2006-07

Other CSM Documents

CSM Instructional Programs, 2010-2011

Implementing Shared Governance, 1993


SMCCCD Planning Documents

SMCCCD Information Technology Services, 2008-2012, May 2009

SMCCCD Strategic Plan (Abridged), 2009

SMCCCD Strategic Plan (Unabridged), 2009

SMCCCD's Library Information Technology Plan, Cañada College, College of San Mateo, Skyline College: 2000-01 to 2004-05

SMCCCD Facilities Masterplan, 2006

SMCCCD Board of Trustees

SMCCCD, Board of Trustees, Goals, 2008

SMCCCD, Board of Trustees, Reaffirmation and Commitment to Core Values and Operating Principles, 2004