College of San Mateo

Math Resource Center (MRC) Student Survey

The quality of CSM’s Math Resource Center (MRC) is important and we need your help. Please provide information about your experience using the services and support provided in the MRC. All survey responses are strictly confidential and your instructor will only see a summary of responses without information identifying you. Your feedback is anonymous so please be candid and frank when providing this information.
NOTE: If you don't know how to answer a question, please SKIP the question and proceed to the next question.

1. Overall, how would you rate the quality of the MRC services you received?

Very Good

Please comment:

2. Overall, was the MRC staff helpful?


Please comment:

3. Were the procedures for using the MRC clear and easy to follow?


Please comment:

4. Was the MRC available when you needed it?

Most of the time

Please comment:

5. Were you able to get help when you needed it in the MRC?

Most of the time
Does not apply

Please comment:

6. This semester I am enrolled in the following CSM MATH courses. (Choose ALL that apply):

Math 115 Geometry  
Math 125 Introduction to Finite Mathematics  
Math 130 Analytical Trigonometry  
Math 130/830 Trigonometry  
Math 145 Liberal Arts Mathematics  
Math 200 Elementary Probability and Statistics  
Math 200/800 Introductory Statistics  
Math 222 Precalculus  
Math 225 Path to Calculus  
Math 225/825 Path to Calculus  
Math 241 Applied Calculus I  
Math 241/841 Applied Calculus I  
Math 242 Applied Calculus II  
Math 251 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I  
Math 252 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II  
Math 253 Calculus and Analytic Geometry III  
Math 268 Discrete Mathematics  
Math 270 Linear Algebra  
Math 275 Ordinary Differential Equations  
Other (Please specify):

7. If you were not enrolled in a CSM Math course, please state why you have used the MRC resources this semester.

8. Which of the following MRC resources have you used this semester? (Check all that apply)

Tutorial assistant in-person provided by the MRC Manger  
Tutorial assistant through Zoom provided by the MRC Manger  
Tutorial assistant in-person provided by the MRC tutor  
Tutorial assistant through Zoom provided by the MRC tutor  
Other (please specify):
9. Based on your overall experience at the CSM Math Resource Center this semester, please indicate the extent to which you have made gains or progress in the following areas identified below:


Major Progress

Moderate Progress

No Progress

Does Not Apply
1. Succeed in your current math course.
2. Self-assess your math skills (i.e., identify your strengths and weaknesses or identify the skills on which you need more work).
3. Demonstrate mastery of the specific skills for which you requested assistance.
4. Understand verbal problems (word problems).
5. Understand problems written symbolically (algebraic or mathematical symbols).
6. Understand numerical presentation of problems.
7. Understand graphical representation of problems.
8. Switch between or understand relationship between two or more presentations of the same problem (i.e., verbal, symbolic, numerical, or graphical).
9. Clearly communicate your solutions in writing (i.e., show work in a manned acceptable to your instructors).
10. Use calculators or software effectively and appropriately.

10. Which activities or services in the MRC do you wish we could provide? (Check all that apply)

Workshops/tutorials on how to use graphing calculators  
Workshop/tutorials on how to use statistical software  
Workshop/tutorial on how to use excel/google spreadsheet  
Math speaker series and other social events  
Other (Please specify):

11. Please feel free to provide additional comments or suggestions about your learning experiences in this lab?

The MRC and CSM Mathematics faculty appreciate your time to complete this survey.