What is Student Right-To-Know?

"Student Right-To-Know" (SRTK) refers to a Federally-mandated public disclosure of a college's Completion Rate and Transfer Rate. The intent of SRTK is to provide to the consumer a statistic of comparable effectiveness that they can use in the determination of college choice. All colleges nationwide are effectively required to participate in the disclosure of rates by January, 2000. SRTK is a "cohort" study; that is, a group of students who are first-time freshmen who are enrolled full-time and are degree-seeking is identified in a fall term and their outcomes are measured over a period of time. The outcomes that the two SRTK rates measure are Completion (the total number of students in the cohort who earn either a degree, a certificate, or who successfully completed a two-year-equivalent transfer-preparatory program) and Transfer (the total number of cohort non-completers who were identified as having enrolled in another institution).

For information on CSM's SRTK completion rates and transfer rates, go to http://srtk.cccco.edu/index.asp