Photography at College of San Mateo - Meet the Faculty
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Meet the Faculty

Lyle Gomes Lyle Gomes
Title: Professor
Degrees: B.A. & M.A., San Francisco State University
Teaching Experience: Since 1980
Career Highlights: Imagining Eden, published by University Virginia Press;
Fulbright Scholar Award; and Rockefeller Foundation Residency, Bellagio, Italy.
Hobbies: Gardening and long walks.
Quote: “I never tire helping students develop the ability to observe, and thus discover, what was previously unseen.”
Richard Lohmann Richard Lohmann
Title: Professor
Degrees: B.A. & M.A., San Francisco State University
Teaching Experience: Since 1987
Career Highlights: Bernheim Foundation Fellowship and Residency;
Silicon Valley Community Foundation grant to photograph in China and produce The Mists of Huangshan.
Hobbies: Bicycling, hiking and family time.
Quote: "My passion for both photography and teaching creates a unique balance benefitting both my photography and the great work CSM students do in our program."
Sita Bhattacharji Sita Bhattacharji
Title: Instructor
Degrees: B.A., Vassar College; M.F.A., Stanford University
Teaching Experience: Since 2000
Hobbies: Piano, gardening, cooking and family
Quote: "If you want to photograph a man spinning, give some thought to why he spins. Understanding for a photographer is as important as the equipment he uses." – Margaret Bourke-White
Nico VandongenNico van Dongen
Title: Instructor
Degrees: M.F.A., Photography, Royal Academy of Visual Art, The Hague, The Netherlands
Teaching Experience: Since 1992
Career Highlights: Founder of portfolio pilots, creative consulting; internationally published and student awards; Adobe achievement award and ADDY awards.
Hobbies: Cooking and entertaining. playing guitar, camping, playing soccer and tennis, all of the arts
Quote: "Designers are catalysts of their time; their role is to translate the changes, the mutations and evolution of society." – Jean Paul Gaultier