Community Outreach at College of San Mateo - Alumni Ambassadors
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Community Outreach

Alumni Ambassadors

Diego ZarabandaDiego Zarabanda
Aragon and Carlmont High Schools
Diego Zarabanda is a Aragon High School graduate and is currently in his third year at CSM. Diego is majoring in Economics and Math. His educational goal is to transfer to UCLA with an AA-T in Business Administration, Economics, and Math. According to Diego, “CSM has become a platform for future opportunities and growth in my academic career, because of this I am striving to achieve my goals. Also, CSM has given me the tools to develop strong leadership attributes in my community.” Other than studying and working, Diego enjoys hanging out with his family and friends. 

Maitri DesiMaitri Desi
Menlo Atherton High School
Maitri, who was homeschooled, is a currently a second-year student at College of San Mateo. She is working towards a A-TT in Communications & Journalism and plans to transfer Fall 2018. As of now, she is planning on transferring to Cal Poly Slo or San Diego State to pursue a career in Public Relations. Maitri is very involved on campus, she is formerly a Designer for the Campus Literary Journal, Labyrinth, and a Supplemental Instructor for Statistics. She is currently a writer/editor for The Skyline View newspaper. As a Student Ambassador, she strives to make sure the students of College of San Mateo feel welcomed on campus, and confident about the resources available to them. 
In her spare time, she enjoys Photography, CrossFit, Traveling, and Food.

Nick JassoNick Jasso
Pilarcitos and Sequoia High Schools
Nicholas Jasso, is an AmeriCorps Alumni and graduate of Sequoia High School. Nick is in his first year at the College of San Mateo and is loving every minute of it - from late nights fueled by coffee to making new friends in classes, CSM has become his home away from home. He majoring in Sociology and hopes to earn an AA-T and transfer to Berkeley. He hopes to eventually become a lawyer. Nick is a part of various clubs and support programs on campus such as; Project Change, EOPS, and UMOJA.  Outside of campus Nick is also involved with Fresh Lifelines for Youth, the San Mateo County Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Commission. According to Nick “Becoming an ambassador was an easy sell for me because being a student ambassador encompasses many of the things I want to do for my community, such as build a pathway to higher education!” In his spare time, Nick enjoys going to the gym, training in martial arts, and traveling - mainly to find new places to eat.
Elizabeth OcampoElisabeth Ocampo
Peninsula & Redwood High Schools 
Elisabeth received her GED from Sequoia Adult School and completed an Automotive Technician program at a trade school soon after. After working multiple jobs, she decided to make school a priority and began attending College of San Mateo. Elisabeth is the proud mother of two daughters who attend the CSM’s child development center. She is an active EOPS, Project Change and Phi Theta Kappa student. She hopes to transfer to UC Berkeley Haas School of Business at the end of Spring 2018. In her spare time, she likes to read, cook (and eat) and go hiking with her kids.
Salote AlipateSalote Alipate
Woodside and Menlo Atherton High Schools
Salote Alipate is a Palo Alto High School graduate and is in her third year at CSM. Salote believes CSM has taught her a lot about herself such as her strengths and weakness this has helped her choose a career path. She is planning to major in communications. Her educational goals include earning an associate's degree and obtaining her bachelor’s and her master’s. She served as the ICC Representative for the Polynesian club for the Spring 2015 semester and is apart of a large Polynesian support program on campus, called Mana. Outside of school, Salote enjoys traveling, trying new foods, and spending time with her family. As a student ambassador, she hopes to encourage people that community college is a great option for pursuing a college education.
Joseph SanchezJoseph Ghassan
Mills High School
Joseph Ghassan is a graduate from SSCC Kfarhbab in Lebanon. He moved to the US in August 2014 and is currently in his second year at CSM. He is majoring in business administration, with a goal of transferring and obtaining a bachelor's degree, in order to pursue an education in law school. Joseph is very impressed by the diversity, atmosphere and all the resources available at CSM. As a student ambassador, he hopes to help incoming students feel better about college and learn about all the services and resources provided. In his spare time, Joseph enjoys watching and playing soccer, watching TV shows, and learning about astronomy and space.

Patrick FisherPatrick Fisher
Burlingame High School
Patrick Fisher is a graduate of Burlingame High School and is currently finishing up his AA degree requirements before transfer. Prior to becoming an ambassador at CSM, he studied abroad in Japan to broaden his horizons and find a deeper appreciation for Japanese culture and traveling as a whole. Patrick enjoys a vast spectrum of activities in his free time from hiking, playing guitar and running to playing video games, writing and volunteering. His educational goals upon graduation include teaching English in Japan and volunteering for the Peace Corps to help with agricultural conditions in less fortunate countries.
Brianna RamosBrianna Ramos
Capuchino and Mills High Schools
Brianna Ramos is a Mills High School graduate and is currently in her third year at CSM. Brianna is majoring in Administration of Justice. Her educational goals include earning a few associate degrees and certificates, followed by a bachelor’s and master’s in the near future. CSM has awarded her with countless opportunities and tools that she will take with her to a four year university and thereafter. In addition to being an ambassador, Brianna is part of the Transfer Club. Aside from academics, she also enjoys traveling, photography, playing sports, reading, and spending time with family and friends. As a student ambassador she hopes to enlighten others about the great opportunities that community college has to offer and the limitless options that higher education can provide. 
Katarina SteinKatarina Stein
Half Moon Bay High School
Katarina Stein is a graduate of Half Moon Bay High School and is in her third year at CSM. Her plans include transferring as a psychology major in the fall of 2017. She currently serves as the vice president of the Student Senate. In her free time she enjoys hiking, backpacking, traveling and writing.
Leroy WilberforceLeroy Wilberforce
Burlingame High School
Leroy is a graduate of Burlingame High School, and is in his third year at College of San Mateo. Leroy hopes to transfer to Saint Mary's College of California and major in communications with a minor in computer science. In high school, Leroy played basketball and ran track as well as participating in volunteering with his church youth group, which he continues today. Joining the ambassador program at CSM made sense for Leroy because he loves making connections with people while also being a part of something bigger than himself. When he is not working or studying, Leroy enjoys spending time with his friends and family.
Losili AlusaLosili Alusa
Aragon High School
Losili Alusa, is a graduate of Aragon High School and is in her second year at CSM majoring in biology. She plans to transfer to Brigham Young University in Provo, UT. According to Losili, “I chose CSM because of the many resources the college provides for students and the diversity here. I love serving within my community, and look forward to opportunities as a student ambassador." In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, and hanging out with family and friends.
Rupinder BajwaRupinder Bajwa
Westmoor High School
Rupinder Bajwa is a Westmoor High School graduate in his first year at College of San Mateo. He is double majoring in economics and computer science. His educational goal is to transfer and obtain his bachelor’s degree in his respective fields and then go on to pursue his MBA. In 2014, he was elected to the SMCCCD board of trustees, as a student trustee for CSM, Cañada and Skyline. Rupinder says, “I love CSM; the people, the environment, the excellent staff. It truly is an amazing place to be!” In his spare time he loves to read and explore the technology world for new and exciting innovations. Rupinder is usually on campus so if you see him say hello.
Divi KumarDivi Kumar
South San Francisco High School
A graduate of South San Francisco High school, Divi Kumar is a third year student at College of San Mateo. The electrical engineering and computer science major hopes to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston to pursue aerospace engineering. In high school, Divi played sports and participated in various extracurricular activities, which led him to a pursue a position as an ambassador at CSM. Through the ambassador program he hopes to become involved on campus and give back to the community. Divi says, “I want to help incoming students learn about the services and programs that are available for them.” When he is not studying or working, Divi enjoys golf and exercise. 
Stephanie CervantesStephanie Cervantes
Capuchino and Mills High School
Stephanie Cervantez is a graduate of Capuchino High School and a second year student at College of San Mateo pursuing an Associate Degree for Transfer in English. She was inspired by her great first year experience to become an ambassador and hopes to show incoming students the wealth of opportunities available to them at CSM. She hopes to transfer at the end of the 2016 spring semester to study English at UC Berkeley and eventually break into video game writing. In her spare time Stephanie enjoys sleeping, playing video games, and annoying her hamster.
Ayah HamdanAyah Hamdan
Aragon High School
A graduate of Aragon High School, Ayah Hamdan is in her second year at CSM. Ayah decided to enroll at CSM because of its campus diversity and after taking classes as a high school concurrent enrollment student. According to Ayah, “All of the resources and professors were extremely helpful and passionate. It made the experience as a high school student reassuring and fun.” Double majoring in public health and international relations, Ayah hopes to transfer to UC Berkeley. 
Elliot TamElliot Tam
Lowell and Burliname High Schools
Elliot Tam is a graduate of Lowell High School and is in his second year at College of San Mateo. The San Francisco native is a math major aspiring to be an actuary or high school teacher. He hopes to transfer to UC Santa Barbara to obtain his bachelor’s degree and move on to pursue a master’s in education. Elliot became a student ambassador to help other students succeed in community college. He is also a supplemental instructor for math. In his spare time, he plays volleyball and enjoys eating burritos.
Andrea IcazaAndrea Icaza
Mills High School
A graduate of Mills High School in 2013, Andrea Icaza is currently in her second year at CSM. She is majoring in communication and communicative disorders and intends on becoming a speech pathologist. Her educational goal is to transfer and obtain a bachelor’s degree in speech pathology or human development from Sacramento State University or UC Davis. Andrea enjoys playing in the CSM symphonic band and is an active member in the theatre programs at neighboring colleges. Andrea has fully enjoyed her time at CSM and hopes to help wavering students choose CSM to save money and to receive a high quality education. 
Taniela MapaTaniela Mapa
Peninsula High School
Taniela Mapa is a graduate of Aragon High School in his third year at College of San Mateo. He is majoring in Civil Engineering and will be transferring to a UC or CSU in the Fall of 2015. Taniela, like many CSM students, took an unconventional route to CSM. He worked for a year after graduating high school after which he completed a two year religious mission in Panama. Since then, Taniela has been able to become very active on campus, serving as a senator in student government and a communications officer for the Alpha Gama Sigma Honor Society. In his spare time, he enjoys watching sports and traveling to as many new places as he can. 
Peter PitettaPeter Pitetta
San Mateo High School
A graduate of San Mateo High School in his second year at CSM, Peter Pitetta is majoring in Chemistry and planning on transferring to UC San Diego or UC Santa Barbara. His future plans include enrolling in pharmacy school after completing his bachelor's degree in chemistry. While he was a student at San Mateo High School, Peter took part in the Concurrent Enrollment program and earned several units before starting as a freshman at CSM. Peter pursued a position as a Student Ambassador to become more involved with the campus community and to help incoming students learn about the services and programs that are available for them. In his free time, he likes to hang out with his friends and play basketball.
Sean PounderSean Pounder
Sequoia and Woodside High Schools
A graduate of Sequoia High School, Sean Pounder is in his third year at College of San Mateo majoring in Intercultural Studies. He plans to transfer to San Jose State to pursue a degree in Global Studies and minor in at least three world languages before he graduates. He looks forward to moving into a career in the international field. He also works as a peer mentor for incoming freshmen and as a peer tutor for political science in the CSM Learning Center. Additionally, he is a staff member at the San Mateo Athletic Club, Sean can typically be seen on campus seven days a week.
Nikki Uchi-TabalocNikki Uchi-Tabaloc
El Camino High School
A graduate of El Camino High School in South San Francisco, Nikki Uchi-Tabaloc is currently in her first year at CSM. She was inspired to become a Student Ambassador to help guide and reach out to fellow students enabling them to find their way through their educational journey. Her intended major is communications with a focus on public relations and marketing. Her educational goal is to transfer with an associate’s degree to a UC or private college. In her spare time, Nikki enjoys cheerleading, yogalates, eating exotic food and watching Giants games.
Shawn LalShawn Lal
A graduate of San Mateo High School, Shawn Lal is a 3rd year student at CSM majoring in economics and intending to transfer to San Diego State University or the University of Oregon. Shawn's dream is to one day work at Apple as a senior director of finance and management. He is very active in campus life and is passionate about helping fellow students. In his spare time, Shawn enjoys playing basketball, staying active, and traveling.
Jasmine FloresJasmine Flores
Jasmine Flores is a graduate of Newark Memorial High School and completed her engineering transfer requirements at CSM. Her educational goals include pursuing a PhD in Engineering and working as an environmental engineer. Jasmine is currently a student at San Jose State University. In her spare time, she enjoys watching sports, running, video games and watching comedies.
Jason DuttonJason Dutton
Jason Dutton is a Westmoor High School graduate and is in his completed his transfer requirements at CSM. The philosophy major enjoys politics, romantic comedies and any chance to expand his horizons. His educational goals include both going to law school and pursuing a doctorate in philosophy with the hopes of teaching at a community college. In addition to being an Ambassador, Jason worked as a tutor for College of San Mateo's Learning Center. He also served as a senator in student government. Jason currently attends UCLA.
Eleni JacobsonEleni Jacobson
A graduate of San Mateo High School, Eleni Jacobson is in her final year at CSM. As an Environmental Policy major planning to transfer to UC Davis, she hopes to one day open a community environmental education center in the Bay Area. When asked why she chose to come to CSM, Eleni said, “for its excellent academic reputation and so I could continue to network and make connections in the Bay Area.” In her free time she likes to bike, hike, and recycle.
Sarah LoweSarah Lowe
Sarah Lowe is currently a student at UC Davis. She completed her transfer requirements at College of San Mateo. While attending Mills High School, Sarah was also a Concurrent Enrollment student taking college level coursework before graduating from high school.  Sarah was inspired to become a Student Ambassador to get involved with the campus community and gain leadership experience. She is currently the President of the Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS) honor society. Sarah hopes to travel the world after finishing her degree.
Janelle RaymundoJanelle Raymundo
A graduate of Westmoor High School in Daly City, Janelle Raymundo completed her AA at CSM along with transfer requirements. The sociology major is currently enrolled at San Jose State University. According to Janelle, “CSM definitely helped me prepare to transfer a four-year institution.” In her spare time, Janelle enjoys watching movies and spending time with friends and family.
Estela GarciaEstela Garcia
Estela Garcia is a graduate of Menlo Atherton High School and completed her studies at College of San Mateo in the Administration of Justice program. When reflecting on her experience at the College, Garcia said, “The professors here are not only your professors but they are also your friends and are there to help you succeed in any way possible.” She is also a proud mother of two and was part of EOPS at CSM. She loves being a Student Ambassador to promote the many great services the program has to offer. Estela recently graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in justice studies. She currently works for the CSM health center conducting outreach for the affordable care act.
Mario RosettiMario Rossetti
Mario Rossetti is a graduate of Moreau High School in Hayward. He found College of San Mateo to be a solid alternative to going to a CSU or UC for general education while saving money. When asked about his experience, the psychology major said, “I have had a great experience at CSM. Throughout my two years at CSM, I have been fortunate to have some great professors, counselors, and friends who have helped me on my journey to receiving my degree." Mario has always had a passion in giving back to the community, which is reflected in his experience. After his time at CSM, Mario looks forward to transferring to San Francisco State University. In his spare time, Mario enjoys spending time with family and friends and playing soccer. Mario is currently a student at San Francisco State University. 
Kelsey HarrisonKelsey Harrison
Kelsey Harrison is a graduate of Pescadero High School and served as Lead Ambassador in her final year at CSM, Kelsey is currently pursuing her degree in sociology at UC Davis. According to Kelsey,“Community College has allowed me to explore many different majors and has given me some time to decide what I really would like to major in.”  When she is not studying or working, she enjoys photography, spending time with friends and family, volunteering with the South Coast Children’s Services Board of Directors and going to the gym. 
Melissa AliuMelissa Aliu
When reflecting on her time at CSM, Melissa thought of the many doors that opened for her at CSM after she graduated from El Camino High School. According to Melissa, “I chose CSM because of its accessibility and the diversity it strongly represents.” Her goal as an Ambassador is to help her peers and high school students succeed and to give back to the Polynesian community. Aliu has done just that and has transferred to UC Santa Cruz majoring in sociology and was the recipient of the prestigious Karl S. Pister Scholarship. In her spare time she enjoys working out and singing along to 80’s tunes.
Paola AlunniPaola Alunni
A graduate of San Mateo High School, Paola Alunni has completed her studies at College of San Mateo. In addition to her work as a Student Ambassador, Paola served as a student senator. The Architecture major enjoys music, exercise and is fluent in Spanish. Paola is currently an architecture student at UC Berkeley. 
Janet BarajasJanet Barajas-Mendoza
Janet Barajas-Mendoza was an EOPS student at College of San Mateo and majored in Administration of Justice. According to Janet, “Being a Student Ambassador allows me to share my experience and knowledge with others. I always have the urge to help others achieve success.” Her spare time is spent with her husband and three sons. Janet has finished up her transfer classes at CSM and is a student at CSU East Bay.
Shamariah JointerShamariah Jointer
Shamariah Jointer is a native of Oakland, California native and a former Marine Corps Sergeant with service spanning the globe. Shamariah is currently and  engineering student at the University of Texas, San Antonio. An avid NBA fan and seafood lover, Shamariah was honored to serve as the Vice-president of the CSM Veterans alliance club and also worked at the CSM Veterans Resource Opportunity Center. According to Shamariah, “Marines know all about having a proud heritage, it’s something we take very seriously, I’m extremely proud that soon my name will be added to a host of other great CSM alumni”.
Kaylynn NicksKaylynn Nickerson
Kaylynn Nickerson is a graduate of Immaculate Conception Academy in San Francisco. During her time there, she participated in the Academy’s corporate work-study program, which allowed her to gain two years of entry-level work experience while still in high school. Kaylynn was accepted into universities after her senior year, but she chose CSM for its beautiful campus and dedication to excellent student services. Kaylynn's goal is to transfer to a 4-year university to earn her bachelor's degree. In her spare time, she enjoys blogging, practicing film photography and volunteering at various non-profit organizations.
Alex MadayagAlexis Madayag
Alexis Madayag is a graduate of Carlmont High School and San Francisco State University. He is currently a graduate student at Notre Dame de Namur University. “I was able to work with the best professors and instructors in the Human Services department who taught me real-world case scenarios in the industry and I learned professional counseling skills to help serve others in need,” he says. Along with his work as a Student Ambassador, Alexis has interned for KCSM-TV and performed at Electronic Music concerts. When he’s not helping students or studying, Alexis wears many hats. He enjoys being a DJ, volunteering at local non-profits, and shooting and editing video pieces. Alexis currently works as a graphics assistant in College of San Mateo's Community Relations & Marketing department.
Proud BenyasriProud Benyasri
Proud Benyasri has completed her studies at College of San Mateo. She began her time at CSM in the Concurrent Enrollment Program while attending San Mateo High School. In addition to being involved with the Student Ambassador program, she was also a student senator, cheerleader and a member of both campus honor societies. She is fluent in Thai and she recently graduated with a degree in Sociology from UC Berkeley.
Arianna Vega AvendañoArianna Vega Avendaño
After graduating from San Mateo High School, Arianna Vega Avendaño was drawn to CSM because of the wide array of programs and support services such as EOPS and the Transfer Center. “The knowledge I am gaining at the college, I hope to pass on to a future student as a Student Ambassador,” Arianna said. Now a graduate of Cal State East Bay, the Psychology major served as the first Lead Ambassador for the program and now works as a counselor in the mental health field. One day she hopes to work as a therapist with a focus on life coaching and anger management. When she’s not working or going to school, Arianna enjoys scrapbooking, watching movies and spending time with family. She was also the keynote speaker at CSM's 2014 commencement ceremony.
Jenna FinegoldJenna Finegold
Jenna Finegold completed her second year at CSM in 2009 and is a graduate of Mills High School. Jenna enjoys cooking and dining out with friends on her spare time. She was also an active member or the Associated Students of College of San Mateo and coached a middle school volleyball team. Jenna attributes most of her growth since high school to the opportunities and support that is given at CSM. She believes that attending a community college has allowed her to mature and choose the goals that she would like to pursue. After her time at CSM, Jenna studied abroad in Spain and attended UC San Diego. She is currenly attending UC Hastings Law School.
Shawn McGriff Jr.Shawn McGriff Jr
Shawn McGriff Jr. completed his studies at College of San Mateo. A graduate of Hogan High School in Vallejo, CA, Shawn came to CSM upon the influence of friends on the football team. On his experience at CSM, Shawn said, “I have loved every moment at CSM since I have been here.” Shawn graduated with an A.A. in Social Science in May 2011 and is a graduate of San Francisco State University. His goal is to eventually teach. Shawn enjoys spending time with his family and playing sports. 
Justin HoffmanJustin Hoffman
Up until his junior and senior year in high school, Justin Hoffman did not care much for school. He turned it all around by realizing that he had the potential to become a great student. When reflecting upon his experience, Justin said, "I went from having a GPA below 2.0 to earning a 4.0 for the first time in my life." Justin was an honor student and student senator at College of San Mateo. He is now a graduate of UC Berkeley and his career goal is to work as a social entrepreneur in the developing world. In his spare time, Justin enjoys exercise, reading and researching. 
Sandie BelloSandie Bello
Thanks to advice from a friend and her sister, Hillsdale High School graduate, Sandie Bello, decided to return to school to pursue higher education at College of San Mateo. “It has a great reputation for academic excellence and is a beautiful campus. The instructors at CSM are top notch, very helpful, wise and enouraging ,” Bello said. In her time at CSM, Sandie has taken advantage of support programs like EOPS, counseling and the career center. Sandie attended Cal State East Bay as an Anthropology major. 
Anna KeiloAnna Keilo
Following the footsteps of her brother and cousins, San Mateo High School graduate, Anna Keilo, decided to attend College of San Mateo. After her second year at the college, the Psychology major and was admitted to UCLA and completed her bachelor's degree. When asked why she chose to become a Student Ambassador,  Anna said, “I was confused as a senior, not knowing what college to go to and how to go about it. I would love to help students out so they don't have to feel the way I felt.” In her spare time, Anna enjoys reading, watching movies, exercise, shopping and playing softball. Currently, Anna works in the corporate offices of Charlotte
Jacqueline GuilbaultJacqueline Guilbault
Jacqueline Guilbault is a Mills High School graduate and plans on pursuing a career in marketing and public relations. Her previous experience includes volunteering for Congresswoman Jackie Speier, writing for The San Matean and interning for the marketing department at AAA. Jacqueline transferred to and graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno after completing her studies at CSM in 2009. She has reached her career goal of working in marketing internationally.
Melissa VizcarraMelissa Vizcarra
Melissa Vizcarra graduated from San Mateo High School and is studying administration of justice at CSM. She hopes to one day be a social worker and in the Fall of 2010 transferred to San Francisco State University with a major in Criminal Justice. Presently, Melissa works for a mental health agency called Edgewood Center, facilitating two groups: Women's Group and Anger Replacement Therapy. She's also involved in California Youth Connection, a group that discusses governmental policies and is run by foster youth. Aside from this, Melissa enjoys watching movies and "cooking up a storm in the kitchen." 
Yesenia AvilesYesenia M. Aviles
CSM alumni Yesenia M. Aviles hopes to someday become a professor of Latin American studies. She already possesses two human service certificates: one in community health and the other in family development. "I hope to contribute and give back to the community, especially to low-income single parents and high risk youth," she says. Yesenia is a single mother herself, raising three children. She enjoyed her work as a Student Ambassador where she educated high school students who, Yesenia says, "are our future leaders." The next step on Yesenia's educational journey has begun at UC Davis. 
Lina LiLina Li
Lina Li enrolled in summer courses at CSM while she was attending San Mateo High School and, upon graduating, decided to continue taking courses at CSM because she loves the diverse environment and professional, caring faculty. She has completed her second year at CSM and graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in English. As a Student Ambassador, Lina felt that she could give something back to CSM because she "gained priceless knowledge that better prepares (her) for future challenges." She enjoys spending time with friends, swimming, photography, and karaoke.
Sunny ShekSunny Shek
Upon graduating from high school in Hong Kong, Sunny Shek wanted to enroll in college courses at a school in the United States. Based upon a recommendation from his high school teacher, along with encouragement from a friend, Sunny decided to attend CSM and major in economics. Sunny settled into the CSM environment by taking advantage of services offered by the International Students office as well as the Writing Center. As an ambassador, Sunny enhanced his communication skills, especially public speaking. Sunny enjoys watching movies and traveling.  In the fall of 2009, Sunny has traveled south to Los Angeles to pursue his bachelor's degree in Economics at the University of Southern California. 
Heliane MarloweHeliane Marlowe
A native of Brazil, Heliane Marlowe chose to attend CSM after relocating to the Bay Area and earned an associate's degree in Business Administration in 2006. "CSM offered all of the support I needed to take classes," she says. Heliane is completing additional courses at CSM and plans to transfer to San Francisco State University. She hopes to become an ESL instructor. In her spare time, Heliane enjoys participating in outdoor activities such as rock climbing and hiking, as well as spending time with her children. She hopes that they will attend CSM after graduating from high school.