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Summer 2020 grades available
Thursday, August 13, 2020
Fall Semester 2020 begins
Wednesday, August 19, 2020
Labor Day Weekend
September 5-7, 2020
Sexual Misconduct & Title IX
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Science-in-Action Speaker Series

Speaker Series Archives

View recordings of past Speaker Series presentations.

Spring 2020

Date SpeakerTitle
03/04/20 K.M-Stanford Grad Student My Unique Path to Becoming a Genetic Counselor

Fall 2019

Date SpeakerTitle
09/11/19 Charlotte Kiang                        My Journey From Liberal Arts to Aerospace Engineering 
09/18/19 CSM Student Panel Summer Internship Experiences 
09/25/19 Mark Douglass Community College to Stanford Medical School 
10/10/19 Skylar Payne Success in Computer Science Through Resilliance
10/23/19 Oscar Medina My Journey  in Asthma Research
11/20/19 Larry Taylor    My Journey Into Paleontological Research 

Spring 2019

Date SpeakerTitle
02/06/19 Hector Gomez From CSM to UCSF:
My Journey Into Neuroscience Research
03/15/19 Colleen Carpenter, PhD Pharmacology and Epilepsies 
03/27/19 Cathy Samayoa, PhD Breast Cancer and Health Disparities in Latinas
04/10/19 Jose Gutierrez My Journey from Community College to a Career in Engineering
04/26/19 Mohsen Janatpour Science, Art, and Emotion: A Personal Journey

Fall 2018

Date Speaker(s)Title
09/19/18 CSM Student Panel Summer Internship Experiences
10/11/18 Steven Altamirano Seizing Incremental Career Opportunities as a Software Engineer
11/07/18 Amber Moore How Immune Activation During Pregnancy Can Alter Placental and Fetal Health
11/14/18 Mary J. Janatpour, PhD My Journey From CSM to Vice President of Oncology Research
11/28/18 Susan J. Fisher, PhD  The Placenta: Science and Science Fiction

Spring 2018

Date SpeakerTitle
02/21/18 Patti Siguenza From CSM to Genentech: 
What I Learned Along the Way
03/07/18 Marcella Gomez, PhD The Math Behind Cell Signaling in Biology
04/11/18 Carlos Schuler, PhD Success in Biotechnology

Fall 2017

Date  Speaker (s)Title 
09/13/17 Student Panel Bridges to Bacclaurate
09/14/17 Sasha Denisin Sasha Denisin - Mechanobiology
11/08/17 Michael Reddick Chemical and Bio Engineering

Upcoming Events

  • There are no upcoming Science-in-Action Speaker Series events.