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What is METaS?
“Metas” means “goals” in Spanish, and the goal of the METaS project is to improve the success, retention, and completion of Latino/a and low-income STEM students at the College of San Mateo. By fostering a supportive community of faculty, administrators, and peer tutors, METaS wants to help you achieve your academic goals while celebrating the impact of Hispanics and Latinos in Bay Area STEM fields. The METaS project is funded by an HSI-STEM grant through the Department of Education.

What is STEM?
STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Did you notice that METaS backwards looks a lot like STEM – Science and Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics! At CSM, you can earn an Associates degree in programs like Chemistry, Biotechnology, Web & Mobile Application Development, and Engineering Technology! CSM will also allow you to fulfill requirements to transfer to a four-year institution, with prerequisite courses available in numerous STEM fields. Did you know that in 2013, only 9% of the students nationwide who earned STEM degrees and certificates were Hispanic? Here at CSM we have some of the best students and some amazing STEM programs – together, we can change that number!

What is HSI?
HSI stands for Hispanic Serving Institution, which is a higher education institution with an undergraduate full-time enrollment of at least 25% Hispanic students. In 2015, the College of San Mateo had an enrollment of 30%, and we expect this to reach 42% by 2021!

What programs does METaS offer?
METaS has a variety of support systems and programs to help you succeed in your academic goals here at CSM. Some examples include Peer Tutors, Supplemental Instructional Leaders, Math Jams, Science-In-Action Speaker Series, professional development opportunities and transfer support.

Join Us!
METaS is open to all Latino/a or low-income students who are interested in STEM. If you are interested in receiving monthly email updates about STEM opportunities, events and resources fill out our quick registration form. We look forward to helping you reach your goals!