Mathematics at College of San Mateo - Jay Lehmann
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Jay Lehmann
Professor of Mathematics
Build 18, Room 206
(650) 574-6631

Courses this semester
Online courses
For years I have been dissatisfied with how boring and meaningless most algebra courses are for nonscience majors. I have written an intermediate algebra textbook so that students can see how interesting and useful mathematics can truly be. I am currently writing and using materials for elementary algebra that I believe are accomplishing the same thing for that course. In both courses, students use graphing calculators to work with compelling, true-to-life situations. Students are expected to work in teams at appropriate times during class.

In calculus courses I strive to help students gain a deep understanding of key concepts by thinking in terms of equations, graphs, and tables. Students use graphing calculators fairly often and I encourage students to work together at appropriate times during class.

If you are in search of such courses and are willing to work hard, I hope to see you in one of my courses soon!

BA in Mathematics, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana 1985
MS in Mathematics, Claremont Graduate School 1986