Mathematics at College of San Mateo - Help for Students
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Help for Students

Instructor office hours (FREE)

See the schedule card on your instructor's office door. Also see Faculty Office Hours web site. Having trouble? Ask your instructor. That's what instructors are for. And you will find that just about all instructors are glad to see you and glad to help. Your instructor WANTS you to succeed.

Math Resource Center (FREE)

Building 18, Room 202
This is the best place to go for help, especially for drop-in tutoring. There is a schedule of Math instructors who help students in the Resource Center.  Also, there are student tutors to provide additional drop-in help. For specific hours and other information, take a look at our Math Resource Center Lab website.

Private Tutors
If none of the free tutoring above is convenient for you, you could consider a private tutor. You could check advertisements on bulletin boards around campus, or ask friends, or ask your instructor.

Friends and classmates
Most students find it very helpful to study with classmates or friends or at least to ask them a question here and there when needed. However, you need to get to the point where you can do the math yourself. So make sure you do your own work so that you can understand what you are doing. You may find it especially helpful to get together a small group to study and do homework regularly, and to study before a test.

Stuff you can do for yourself
Carefully study the examples and the explanations in the book and in your class notes. (So take good notes in class!) Try to work things out for yourself, but be sure to find someone to ask when you need to clear something up!