Mathematics at College of San Mateo - Degrees & Certificates
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Degrees & Certificates

Associate in Science Degree

Mathematics 60 units

Associate in Science Degree for Transfer/SB1440

Mathematics 60 CSU transferable units

University Transfer Program

Use Assist ( to identify lower division major preparation for the California State University and the University of California systems. Transfer majors may be listed as Administration of Justice, Criminal Justice, Criminology, Law and Society, or other listings. For independent or out-of-state colleges and universities use their catalogs to locate this information. Transfer Services can assist you to gather this information.

Mathematics provides the foundation for studying engineering; the biological, physical and health sciences; economics; business; computer science; statistics; and many other fields. A major in mathematics itself opens up job opportunities in numerous fields, as mathematical problemsolving skills are widely applicable.

The Mathematics major may be used as a basis for professional careers which include accountant, actuary, appraiser, assessor, auditor, banker, biometrician, budget analyst, casualty rater, controller, computer programmer, data processing manager, demographer, econometrician, educator at all levels, engineering analyst, epidemiologist, financial analyst/planner, insurance agent/broker, loan officer, management trainee, market research analyst, mathematician, securities trader, statistician, surveyor, and systems analyst.

Additional professional areas for which a degree in Mathematics prepares individuals are the aircraft and space industries, architectural and surveying services, civil service, communications, and science, including work in high technology industries such as research and development laboratories.