Mathematics at College of San Mateo - Overview
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The Department of Mathematics at College of San Mateo offer leads to an AA/AS degree. This program provides excellent preparation for degrees in Mathematics. A major in mathematics itself opens up job opportunities in numerous fields, as mathematical problem solving skills are widely applicable. Mathematics provides the foundation for studying:
  • engineering
  • biological, physical and health sciences
  • economics
  • business
  • computer science
  • statistics
  • many other fields
The Mathematics major is a foundation for professional careers which include:
  • accountant
  • actuary
  • appraiser
  • assessor
  • auditor
  • banker
  • biometricion
  • budget analyst
  • casualty rater
  • controller
  • computer programmer
  • data processing manager
  • demographer
  • econometrician
  • educator at all levels
  • engineering analyst
  • epidemiologist
  • financial analyst/planner
  • insurance agent/broker
  • demographer
  • econometrician
  • loan officer
  • management trainee
  • market research analyst
  • mathematician
  • securities trader
  • statistician
  • surveyor
  • systems analyst
Additional professional areas for which a degree in Mathematics prepares individuals are:
  • aircraft and space industries
  • architectural and surveying services
  • civil service
  • communications
  • science, including physics, chemistry, engineering and bioscience
Recommended high school preparation:
  • four years of high school level mathematics
  • physics (one year)
  • two or more years of a foreign language