International Education Program at College of San Mateo - Global Speaker Series
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International Education Program

Global Speaker Series


The Global Speaker Series is a campus-wide initiative to expand the academic and intellectual offerings of our college by bringing speakers with expertise in area studies and global issues to our campus. The goal of the Global Speakers Series project is to create a formalized process for bringing global discussions to our campus with the hope that faculty will incorporate the program into their course designs and use these rich resources to expand conversations and ultimately bring the world into the classroom. Curriculum guides can be used with each of the speaker presentations. The Global Speaker Series aligns with the creation of the Global Studies major on our campus and will add to the intellectual rigor and vitality of our campus community.

Schedule - Spring 2017

Tuesdays 5-6 pm - College Center Building 10, Bayview Dining Room.
Free admission

Jerry McCann March 7
Economic Development: A Peace-building Perspective (Guatemala and Somalia)
Presenter: Jerry McCann, Engineer and NGO Leadership

Patrick Arnold March 14
Environmental Leadership in the 21st Century (Hong Kong/US Exchange)
Presenter: Patrick Arnold, VIA Programs (Volunteers In Asia)

OliviaSears_MarkHauberMarch 21
Found in Translation: The Power of Language, Literature, and Translation
Presenter: Olivia Sears, PhD, Center for the Art of Translation & Mark Hauber, Poetry Inside Out

Ngan Do Kim March 28
Private Vs. Public Hospitals in Mainland Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam)
Presenter: Ngan Do Kim, PhD, Stanford University

Emiko Saraswati Susilo April 11
Gender Roles in Balinese Performing Arts (Indonesia)
Presenter: Emiko Saraswati Susilo, Gamelan Cudamani

Speaker Series Topics

Economic Development
The impacts of economic development on our world will be explored through topics such as disaster risk, internet access, World Bank, international business, trade, land ownership, poverty, war, natural, infrastructure, or financial markets.
Climate & Environment
Our environment is in a state of crisis and it is up to humanity to solve our environmental challenges to sustain life on our planet. Topics may include renewable energy, resources and development, conservation and activism, geoscience, or ecology.
Cultural Identity and Place
Cultural Identity is at the heart of who we are as humans. This topic area may include discussions of migration, identity, resilience, globalization, language extinction, community building, cultural hegemony, diaspora and more.
Global Health
The health of humanity and our planet is at the base of our existence. Experts discuss food/water security, nutrition, healthcare, traditional medicine, disease and vaccination privilege, big pharma, biomedical innovation, genetic research, World Health Organization and more.
Arts, Media & Social Change
Arts and literature have historically played an important role in maintaining culture and challenging socio-political forces. Topics in this area may include: traditional art forms, performing culture, cultural commodification, political propaganda, digital and social media, social movements and information privilege.