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Nomination Process

The criteria outlined for the categories listed above shall be used for consideration in addition to the following:
  1. Nominations must be submitted to the Chair of the Board by someone other than the nominee by filling out the electronic form or by sending in a hard copy of the form. Nominations may be made at any time but must be received by May 1st. The form will be distributed to the active coach of the nominees sport for further information and feedback.
  2. Only 5 inductees will be selected for induction each year. Any nominee that was not selected will automatically be considered for 2 years after which they must be re-nominated if not selected.
  3. Members of the Board shall not be considered for nomination during the term of their service.
  4. Nominees may be inducted posthumously.
  5. Candidates must receive a simple majority vote to be inducted (3 out of 5).
  6. No more than two coaches/staff or friends/supporters will be nominated each year. There need not be a coach/supporter inductee in any given year.