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March 24-30, 2024
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March 29, 2024
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April 18, 2024
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Grades and Scholarships
Pass/No Pass Option

Updated Title 5 regulations eliminate the Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) option and replace it with Pass/No Pass (P/NP). The new designators, P/NP, are weighed in the same manner as the former CR/NC designators. Students electing to use the PASS/NO PASS option for a course should use the student WebSMART account to make this designation. After students have registered for a class, on WebSMART find "grade mode". "Grade mode" allows students to select either a letter grade or pass/no pass grading option if the option exists. (Not all courses offer the P/NP option.)

Students must select the Pass/No Pass grade option via their WebSMART registration screen within the first 20% of the term. See current Schedule of Classes for deadlines. Changes will not be permitted after this time.

Each division of the College may designate courses in which a student may elect to receive a letter grade or be graded on a Pass/No Pass basis.

Grade option courses allow students to explore various fields of study and to broaden their knowledge, particularly outside their major field, without jeopardizing their grade point average. Courses in which such option exists will be so designated by the Division Dean in consultation with appropriate members of the division faculty.

All courses applied to the major or a certificate should be completed with a letter grade if the letter grade option exists. The utilization of courses graded on a P/NP basis to satisfy major or certificate requirements must be approved by the Division Dean. A maximum of 12 units toward an Associate degree or 6 units toward a certificate may be applied from courses in which the student has elected a Pass/No Pass option. Additionally, each division of the College may determine certain courses in which all students are evaluated on a Pass/No Pass basis only. These courses will be so identified in the class schedule and are exempt from the above 12/6 unit limitation.

For university transfer all major preparation courses should be completed with a letter grade. Four-year colleges and universities vary widely in the number of units of Pass/No Pass courses they accept. Students should consult the catalog of the college to which they may transfer for its regulations in this regard.