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See what lies behind the continual success of the CSM football program.

Sophomore DaySophomore Day

At the last home game of each year,  College of San Mateo's football team holds a pre-game ceremony honoring it's sophomore football players. Players will be announced individually and will jog across the field and present a rose as a token of appreciation to their parents.

Bulldog GamesBulldog Games

At the end of spring workouts, coaches and players are separated into teams of five and participate in a variety of events, including keg toss, swim relay, tug of war, truck push, obstacle course, and many more. The team with the most points at the end of the three-day event is the winner.

Night of ChampionsNight of Champions

Capping off the spring, the Bulldogs will come in at night and compete for the coveted Iron Bulldog Award. Players are put into three weight categories and compete in a pound-for-pound weight lifting competition in the bench press, squat and clean.

CSM's Fastest ManCSM's Fastest Man

This is our version of March Madness. We hold a single elimination tournament to see who is the fastest CSM Bulldog. Players are split into three classes - O and D Line, Backs, and WR/Db's. They will compete against each other, one-on-one, until there is one man standing.

Bowl Game DinnerBowl Game Dinner

Players are not only members of our football team, but members of our football family. Families work together, play together and eat together. Prior to our bowl game at the end of every year, we have a sit down dinner to celebrate the year and spend time together.

Open Mic NightOpen Mic Night

After the bowl game dinner, players are encouraged to come up on stage and perform skits, jokes, impersonations or anything they want. There are no holds barred; this is the player's chance to have some fun with the coaches.

Ugly BulldogUgly Bulldog

This is probably the most highly contested award at the College of San Mateo. As part of the year-end festivities, players will cast their vote as to who they feel is the ugliest player on the team. The winner receives a gift certificate for a dinner for one at the year end awards banquet.