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CARE Services
Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE)

Program History
In 1982, the State established the Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) program in the California Community Colleges as “a unique educational program geared toward the welfare recipient who desires job-relevant education to break the dependency cycle” (Assembly Bill 3103, Hughes, Statutes of 1982, Chapter 1029). Presently, 110 accredited colleges in all 72 districts of the California Community College system offer CARE programs and services annually to more than 11,000 welfare-dependent single heads of household who seek a viable alternative to continued public assistance for personal and family support. CARE is the only state-funded program of its kind nationwide.

As a supplemental component of EOPS, CARE provides educational support services designed for the academically underprepared, low income, single parent population. Grants and allowances for educationally-related expenses (such as child care, transportation, textbooks, and supplies) may be awarded as a means of strengthening the retention, persistence, graduation, and transfer rates of these individuals. Students participating in CARE may choose vocational certificate or license, associate degree, or transfer program options.

Support services provided to CARE students include: assistance with child care expenses, textbooks-supplies, and transportation costs; special counseling and advisement, personal development activities, and/or curriculum (including self-esteem, parenting, study skills); group support and peer networking; help from peer advisors who are often single parents themselves; and information and referrals to campus-and community-based human services programs.

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