Electronics Technology at College of San Mateo - Certificate of Specialization: Electrical Power Systems and Instrumentation
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Electronics Technology
CSAdvanced Electrical Power Systems and Instrumentation

This advanced certificate adds to the skills accrued through the Certificate of Achievement in Electrical Power Systems and Instrumentation. It prepares students to advance their careers to a level with greater responsibility and demands a higher level of technical knowledge.

Our students in the current 19 unit certificate readily find employment in a variety of industries (e.g., utilities, transportation, aerospace, bio-tech, etc.) as electronics technicians. The demand for employees with this background has been consistent over the last 15 years and according to data from Economic Modeling Systems, Inc. the projected need for these skills remains strong through the next ten years. The program overall provides entry into positions as electronics technicians, maintenance technicians and other positions where calibration and instrumentation of devices for motorcontrolled equipment comprise the critical skills/knowledge for employment. Activities in the work environment would include operation and maintenance of robots in manufacturing, precise control management in pharmaceutical manufacturing and control/delivery of electrical power across the utility owned grid and into homes and business. The skills in this certificate are at an advanced level and prepare students for a move to either a supervisory/lead position or one requiring they pass a high-level technical certification (employer administered) for their next assignment.

Certificate Requirements

  • 16 semester units
  • A grade of "C" or higher is required for each course
ELEC 422 Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers 4 units
ELEC 424 Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Vacuum Power Systems 4 units
ELEC 442 Electric and Pneumatic Process Control Systems 4 units
ELEC 445 Industrial Data Communication Systems 4 units

Gainful Employment Disclosure Information