Educational Equity Committee (EEC) at College of San Mateo - Overview
Educational Equity Committee (EEC)


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Jeremiah Sims
Director of Equity
(650) 574-6105

Tabitha Conaway
BSI Coordinator
EEC Co-Chair
(650) 574-6570

EEC Meeting Schedule

Fall 2019 Spring 2020
September 17 February 18
October 15 March 17
November 19 April  21
*All meetings are from 2-4 pm
The Educational Equity Committee (EEC), which is an Institutional Committee, represents the conjoining of two long-standing committees at CSM. The Diversity in Action Group, DIAG, was a committee made up of a group of committed educators working to ensure that cultural responsiveness and cultural sustenance were key elements of the educational efforts put forth by the College. Traditionally marginalized students, by and large, attend under-resourced schools; and because of limited educational opportunities, these students are often enrolled in basic skills courses as community college students.

The Basic Skills Initiative (BSI), at its core, is an initiative interested in arriving at educational equity for students enrolled in Basic Skills courses. It became clear that there was obvious overlap and even synchronicity between the respective work undertaken by DIAG and BSI. The two committees were joined, thus forming the EEC. This merger was an organic shift because the committed educators that made up these two (formerly) distinct committees were clearly working towards the same goal: educational equity.

Student Equity Plan