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March 24-30, 2024
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March 29, 2024
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April 18, 2024
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Degrees & Certificates
Certificate Programs

Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of selected occupational programs and upon application to the Office of Admissions and Records. Some certificates require less than two-years of full-time study. To be eligible for a certificate, a student must pass all required certificate courses with a grade of C or higher, unless specified otherwise (see specific program) a maximum of 6 units from courses in which the student has elected a Pass/No Pass option may be applied toward a certificate must be taken at College of San Mateo.

Certificate requirements for an individual student are those listed in the College of San Mateo Catalog of the year in which the student begins studies at CSM. Those requirements may be followed throughout the student's course of study. However, if a break in attendance occurs before the certificate is earned, the certificate requirements become those listed in the College Catalog which is current at the time studies are resumed.

Certificates may be earned through day or evening part-time or full-time enrollment

Certificates of Achievement

The higher of the two levels of certificates, Certificates of Achievement are awarded upon successful completion of 18 units or more in designated courses. These Certificates appear in transcripts.

Certificates of Specialization

Certificates of Specialization are awarded upon successful completion of designated courses (fewer than 18 units, not state approved) in a specific discipline. Some Certificates of Specialization can be earned in eight- or sixteen-week accelerated programs that prepare students for entry-level positions. These certificates do not appear on transcripts.

Program Planning and Enrollment Management

Students enrolling at College of San Mateo should plan a program of study that will meet their educational and career goals. All enrolled students have access to counseling and advising services and should consult with a counselor early in the educational process for guidance and academic planning assistance. Students often have multiple goals and plan to complete a college certificate, an Associate degree, and/or transfer to a university to complete a Baccalaureate degree.

If in the course of enrollment at College of San Mateo, students find it advisable to change their program of study or educational goal, they may do so. These changes should be discussed with a counselor and students should be aware that any changes may result in extending the time necessary to fulfill the certificate or degree or transfer requirements. Ultimately, students maintain full responsibility for planning their educational programs and for their enrollment management.

Students are responsible to maintain current and accurate information in their WebSMART accounts and update personal contact information , email information, educational goal information, manage registartion and enrollment, retrieve grades and placement test results, and monitor academic standing.