College Policies at College of San Mateo - Step 2: Review of Grievance
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College Policies
Step 2: Review of Grievance
  1. Within five days following receipt of the Statement of Grievance Form, the Vice President, Instruction shall advise the student of his or her rights and responsibilities under these procedures.

  2. In general, the requirements for the Statement of Grievance to present sufficient grounds for a formal grievance shall be based on the following:

    • The grievance shall allege specific facts, which, if true, show that the grade was issued based on mistake, fraud, bad faith, incompetence;

    • The grievant is a student which includes applicants and former students;

    • The grievant is personally and directly affected by the alleged grievance;

    • The grievance was filed in a timely manner;

    • The grievance is not clearly frivolous, clearly without foundation, or clearly filed for purposes of harassment.

    • For a grade grievance, the grade given to a student shall be the grade determined by the instructor. In the absence of mistake, fraud, bad faith or incompetency (according to Education Code 76224) the grade issued by the instructor may not be changed. The appropriate Division Dean and Vice President of Instruction will assist in determining if the student’s grievance meets the criteria established by the Education Code.

  3. The Vice President of Instruction will schedule a Hearing with the Grievance Committee within 14 days following receipt of the Statement of Grievance Form. All parties shall be given not less than 14 days notice of the date, time and place of the hearing.
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