College Policies at College of San Mateo - Informal Resolution: Initial College Review
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College Policies
Informal Resolution: Initial College Review

Each student who has a grievance shall make a reasonable effort to resolve the matter on an informal basis prior to pursuing a formal grievance which includes a grievance hearing, and shall attempt to solve the problem with the person with whom the student has the grievance, that person’s immediate supervisor, or the local college administration. The student may also seek the assistance of a friend in attempting to resolve a grievance informally.

The chart below summarizes the appropriate college channels to be utilized by any student wishing to seek redress. For further information concerning any aspect of student grievances or rights of appeal, students should contact the Office of the Vice President, Student Services. Students may elect to grieve any decisions or actions taken. All grievances, or appeals of the decision/action taken in response to a grievance, will be dealt with in a timely manner.

Informal Student Grievance Procedure
AreaFirst Level of ActionSecond Level of Action
Academic Matters: Grades*, Testing, Class Content, Assignments, Attendance, Prerequisite Challenge Instructor Division Dean
Admissions/Late Withdrawal Dean, Enrollment Services Vice President, Student Services
Discrimination Matters Vice Chancellor, Human Resources Chancellor
Fee Payment or Refunds Lead Cashier Vice President, Student Services
Financial Aid Director of Financial Aid Dean, Enrollment Services
Academic or Progress Dismissal Dean, Enrollment Services Vice President, Student Services
Registration Registrar Dean, Enrollment Services
Residency Determination Registrar Dean, Enrollment Services
Security and Parking Supervisor, Public Safety Director, District Safety
Sexual Harassment Vice Chancellor, Human Resources Chancellor
Student Records Registrar Dean, Enrollment Services
Time, Place and Manner Student Life & Leadership Manager Vice President, Student Services
Waiver of Academic Requirements DSPS Director Vice President, Student Services

* Grade can only be grieved according the criteria outlines in Education Code 76224