Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) at College of San Mateo - Reading Apprenticeship
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Center for Academic Excellence (CAE)
Reading Apprenticeship

Reading Apprenticeship is an interdisciplinary classroom technique that utilizes instructors’ content expertise to increase student success in college-level reading comprehension. Instructors are expert readers in their disciplines and RA encourages them to model content-specific reading strategies for their students.

Reading Apprenticeship also strives to foster students’ strengths as learners and builds their fundamental ability to read across the disciplines. According to the California Community College Success Network (3CSN), Reading Apprenticeship supports students’ reading by:
  • engaging students in more reading – for recreation as well as for subject-area learning and self-challenge;
  • making the teacher’s discipline-based reading processes and knowledge visible to students;
  • making students’ reading processes, motivations, strategies, knowledge, and understandings visible to the teacher and to one another;
  • helping students gain insight into their own reading processes; and
  • helping them develop a repertoire of problem-solving strategies for overcoming obstacles and deepening comprehension of texts from various academic disciplines (“The Reading Apprenticeship Framework”).
At the very heart of Reading Apprenticeship is the Focused Inquiry Group (FIG), groups of instructors that provide professional support and that collaborate on discipline-specific reading strategies. FIG’s are encouraged to meet bi-monthly and to participate in campus-wide RA events.

For additional information, please contact Theresa Martin at or visit the California Community Colleges Reading Apprenticeship website,

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