Business at College of San Mateo - Associate in Arts Degree: Business - Option 2 Microcomputer / Data Base and Spreadsheet Functions
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AABusiness Information Processing: Option 2 Microcomputer/Data Base
and Spreadsheet Functions

Among career opportunities for those skilled in microcomputer database and spreadsheet functions are technical support specialist, PC applications support specialist, PC telephone customer service representitive, computer support aide, and consultant/trainer.

Degree Requirements
Complete General Education and other requirements listed for the Associate degree and

Major requirements: 24 semester units

A grade of "C" or higher is required for each course applied to the major.

ACTG 100 Accounting Procedures    3 units
ACTG 144 QuickBooks: Set-up and Service Business 1.5 units
ACTG 145 QuickBooks: Payroll and Merchandising 1.5 units
BUS 100 Introduction to Business    3 units
BUS 115 Business Mathematics    3 units
BUSW 105 Introduction to Microcomputers 1.5 units
BUSW 114 Windows Fundamentals I 1.5 units
BUSW 214 Word Processing Using Word for Windows 1.5 units
BUSW 415 Spreadsheet I Using Excel for Windows 1.5 units
BUSW 416 Spreadsheet II Using Excel for Windows 1.5 units
BUSW 464 Database Management Fundamentals Using Access for Windows    3 units
BUSW 530 Introduction to Internet Competency 1.5 units