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Bulldog Strength & Conditioning Program

College of San Mateo's baseball team considers strength, conditioning, speed and agility to be vital components to excel on the baseball diamond. Coach Brien Shamp, the CEO and founder of the Optimal Fitness Center, directs the players through a variety of workouts to enhance each player's overall fitness. Coach Shamp works with the team on the track to increase cardiovascular fitness, foot speed and agility. Coach Shamp is an expert in cutting edge techniques to increase flexibility and prevent injuries on the baseball field.

In the weight room, Coach Shamp provides a lifting regimen to emphasize the muscles need to play the game of baseball. Free weights and Nautilius machines are used to increase overall body strength. Core strength is a key component to the Bulldog lifting philosophy.

Coach Shamp also serves as the Bulldog's nutrition coordinator. Players attend a nutrition workshop in which Coach Shamp explains the importance of proper nutrition. Coach Williams says, "Coach Shamp does not preach a diet, but rather a lifestyle adjustment in how we eat. I believe the athlete will notice a change almost immediately."

Strength and Conditioning ProgramStrength and Conditioning ProgramStrength and Conditioning Program