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Q & A with Coach

What is your philosophy regarding running an outstanding community college baseball program?
I feel very fortunate to be the head coach at a school with one of the best baseball traditions in the state. My philosophy is that we as a program constantly strive to improve our caliber of play, facilities, coaching techniques and team academic progress and graduation rate.  In short, attention to detail and the constant will to improve...I believe mere satisfaction will lead to mediocrity.

What do you do to assist in the academic progress of your players? If needed, is special help available, such as tutoring, counseling or a study hall? What do you expect from your players in the way of academic progress?
Student athletes are thoroughly informed and assisted in exactly what requirements are necessary to transfer to a 4-year school. Their progress is monitored throughout the year and assistance is provided via academic athletic counselors and tutors. We expect our players to apply to schools in November of their sophomore years. Using the scenario of a career-ending injury, our athletes are expected to be prepared to transfer solely on academics; and in the worst case scenario, to continue their academic careers without interruption.

What goes into the "Bulldog Commitment" that you ask players to make at CSM? How much time is expected to be spent on the baseball program, and what else is involved?
The "Bulldog Commitment" cannot be explained with a short paragraph.  We do however, explain to each player the commitment he makes will most likely be greater than he has ever undertaken before. He must develop skill in time and priority management as well as the ability to set and achieve short and long term goals. We say "Bulldog Baseball" is more than a baseball commitment... "It is a way of life!"

In addition to ability on the field, what do you look for in your players?
I have little patience with individuals who underachieve because of a lack of planning and hard work. I have a great respect and passion to be around people who refuse to stay down, maintain goal focus, and hard work even on "down" days. In my opinion, if an individual has the ability to do these three things, he has an outstanding chance to be successful in whatever direction he channels his energy. I feel all people possess some of these qualities, I look to cultivate these qualities in my players.

What is your philosophy regarding red-shirting? Is this strictly a coaching/roster decision, or are the players consulted recruits their preference?
Red-shirting is a mutual decision between player and coach. A player will red-shirt if both agree that red-shirting is the right decision considering factors such as: age, physical development, potential playing time and academic progress.

What do you do to help your sophomore players who plan to continue their playing careers at four-year colleges? How do you try to help them find teams commensurate with their playing ability and their academic goals?
We take great pride in preparing our athletes academically and athletically for the next level. We are in constant contact with 4-year college coaches and our players are some of the most sought after in the nation.