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2016 Cheer Team
Cheerleading stunt
Cheering at CSM is one of the greatest traditions you can be a part of on campus. The cheer squad is dedicated to cheering at all home football games.

Brigette Perreault has been a cheer coach at College of San Mateo for the past three years. In addition, she was a coach at Carlmont High School for two years, and an assistant coach at Menlo College for one year. She has been a competitive gymnast for a majority of her life, and was a gymnastics coach for 5 years. 

The goal of CSM Cheer is to compete at the USA Collegiate Championships this upcoming year as well as to field a competitive STUNT team. We're looking to recruit talented, high caliber athletes and cheerleaders from high school and all star teams that want to cheer for championship athletics at CSM and be a part of a competitive collegiate cheer program.

Questions? Email Brigette Perreault at or text her at (650) 740-8724.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What skill requirements are needed to cheer at CSM?

At CSM we are looking for cheerleaders who have advanced stunting and tumbling skills. Top girls/bases/back spots should be able to perform a liberty, pop cradle or higher level stunts. While tumbling is not required, we are strongly recommending that cheerleaders have at minimum a standing back-handspring or higher.

What are the school requirements to cheer at CSM?
All cheerleaders must be enrolled full time at CSM in the fall in order to cheer, and maintain a 2.0 GPA in order to cheer into the spring semester.

What are the costs associated with CSM Cheer?
CSM does not pay for cheerleader's uniforms, accessories, or camp. As a result, cheerleaders should plan on paying on average $950 for all travel, uniforms, competition and camp expenses. Cheerleaders will fund-raise to compensate for expenses as well as be put on payment plans so as not to pay all at once.

I have minimal to no cheer experience, should I bother contacting the coach?
While we are looking for cheerleaders who have performed at an advanced level, that doesn't mean that simply because you don't have experience you can't cheer.  The coach will determine then whether you will be a good fit for the team given your experience via video or in person at an open practice.

What are the time requirements?
Cheerleaders should plan on practicing twice a week during the Fall semester, as well as football games on Saturdays. Cheerleaders report to football games an hour to 2 hours prior to kick-off and must stay on the field until the very end of the game. In all the time you will spend cheering on Saturdays is about 4-5 hours at CSM.