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Adapted P.E.
About Us

Addressing Your Specific Needs
Addressing Your Specific NeedsThe College of San Mateo’s Adapted Physical Education program can provide you an excellent opportunity to improve your personal fitness while exercising in a safe and well-supervised environment. Our classes are designed to give you a well-rounded exercise program addressing your specific fitness needs.

To facilitate your registration process, please print and fill out the Adapted PE Information Card (PDF). This information will be used to help us fine tune your exercise program as well as complete the Medical Verification form that will need to be completed by your physician.

A Trained Staff of Assistants
Trained Staff of Assistants
Each of our classes is staffed with assistants to help you in your exercise program. We also have a program where students can assist in the classes working with disabled students to gain actual hands-on experience. This often times turns into a paid position where the student can work as a student assistant.

This provides not only a way to work on campus while taking classes, but also a way to actually gain paid experience in the field of health science. This is great way to start building your resume. Any students interested in this aspect of the program need to contact us or stop by any of the classes.

An Excellent Social Setting
Excellent Social SettingIn addition to the exercise programs, the College of San Mateo also provides an excellent social setting for you to enjoy. Many of our students are known to haunt the student center enjoying a cup of coffee and a lively discussion. This stimulation has fostered many new friendships. We’re also well known for our end-of-the-semester potlucks. Good food and good company.

The college also has many other social functions to enjoy. Many of our students enjoy watching the various sporting events at the college. The College of San Mateo is known for fielding championship teams in many sports including football, basketball, softball, and baseball.

We also have dance productions where some of our students have the opportunity to express themselves through creative dance. As we are a Community College, we also offer a wide variety of academic classes where some of our students are preparing to return to work, improve current work skills, or simply enjoy the challenge of a college class.

We have many younger students with disabilities who have successfully transferred on to four-year colleges and received advanced degrees.