ACCEL at College of San Mateo - About Our Students

About Our Students

San Mateo Adult School students are diverse in ethnicity, age, and education levels. Most are English as a Second Language (ESL) learners or are in a GED/HSE program. In a recent survey of 20 students, 35% were between 18-27, 25% of the students were between 28-37, 25% were between 38-37, and 15% were between 48-57.

San Mateo Adult School students have a variety of goals, including English language development, career advancement, pursuing one of the SMCCCD college’s many CTE certificates or associates degrees, and transferring to a four-year university. While many are ESL students, a significant number have strong academic backgrounds. As shown in the chart, more than 20% of the students possess a four-year degree:

Year of Education Infographic