2019 Accreditation at College of San Mateo - Timeline
2019 Accreditation


12/1/18 Full ISER draft review by select groups; draft Quality Focus Essay for review
2/1/19 Acceptance for draft review
2/2/19-3/27/19 All college ISER review and feedback
3/27/19 IPC approval of preliminary draft
4/24/19 ISER draft to Board of Trustees
4/24/19 Approval of draft ISER by Board of Trustees
4/25/19-5/31/19 Final ISER draft to IPC and the campus community for review
7/15/19 Logistics Planning Team in action to prepare for site visit
7/15/19 ISER to Board of Trustees final approval
7/24/19 Board of Trustees final approval of ISER
7/30/19 Campus logistics and set-up defined
8/1/19 Official submission of ISER to ACCJC
9/1/19 Communication of logistics and schedule across campus
TBD Pre-visit from Team Chair and Assistant
9/27/19 Site Team visit schedule and accommodations set
9/30/19-10/3/19 Accreditation site visit