Year One at College of San Mateo - Mindset 4.0
Spring 2018 Tips
Parking, waitlists & more!
Spring 2018 Semester begins
Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Parking permit requirement

Wednesday January 31, 2018
Sexual Misconduct & Title IX
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Year One
Mindset 4.0

MINDSET 4.0 is College of San Mateo’s very own set of student success principles that seek to instill a growth mindset within our students. Year One provides faculty & staff opportunities to integrate the MINDSET4.0 approach in curriculum, activities and student services, as a means to support first-year students and the campus at large.

MINDSET 4.0 is acronym that encourages students, staff & faculty to leverage a growth mindset.

M Mindful learning: be aware of your thinking process
I Interdependent thinking: make creative connections
N No giving up: persist in completing and succeeding
D Dream: take risks and keep your wonder
S Say what you mean: communicate clearly and precisely
E Empathize: listen openly to others and their views
T Trust your experience: use past knowledge to move forward
4.0 Aim for the top!