The Writing Center at College of San Mateo - English Composition Tutorials
Fall 2018 Final Exams
December 11-17, 2018
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Dec. 22, 2018 - Jan. 13, 2019
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January 3, 2019
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The Writing Center
English Composition Tutorials

The Introductory Tutorial teaches you how to identify verbs and subjects. 

You can print all of the following tutorials at home or use the tutorial binders in the English 800 Center or Writing Center.  Read the explanation, write out the answers, and make an appointment with an English 800 Center or Writing Center instructor to review your work. Please do not print tutorials in the Writing Center. Thank you.

Proofreading Skills
          Introductory Tutorial: Recognizing Verbs and Subjects
  1. Sentence Fragments
  2. Run Together Sentences
  3. Basic Subject-Verb Agreement
  4. Advanced Subject-Verb Agreement
  5. Pronoun Agreement
  6. Past Tense Verbs
  7. Special Tense Verbs
  8. Using Apostrophes
  9. Homonyms
  10. Parallel Structure
  11. Using Commas
  12. Perspective Shifting
  13. Sentence Focus
  14. Writing Concisely
Sentence Development

     15. Joining Ideas: Coordination, Subordination and Semicolons 
     16. Noun Phrase Appositives
     17. Verbal Phrases
     18. Correlatives
     19. Adjective Clauses
     20. The Concessive Sentence

Using Sources

     21. Summarizing
     22. Using Quotations
     23. Paraphrasing
     24. MLA Format and Works Cited
     25. Writing About Literature: Correct Verb Tense

Essay and Paragraph Development

     26. Thesis Statements and Topic Sentences
     27. Comparing and Contrasting
     28. Argument One: Topics, Introductions, and Thesis Statements
     29. Argument Two: Considering the Opposition and Developing Your Stance
     30. Paragraph Basics: Topic Sentences and Unity