Writing Center & English 800 Center at College of San Mateo - The English 800 Lab: Appointments and Hours
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Spring 2016 Registration
November 16 - January 19
Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend
No classes November 25-29
Wounded Warrior Amputees
vs. NFL Alumni

Monday, January 18, 2016
Sexual Misconduct & Title IX
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Writing Center & English 800 Center
The English 800 Lab: Appointments and Hours

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment to see a lab instructor, stop by the English 800 Lab (18-102) or call the lab at (650) 574-6539. There will be three weeks of appointments available at any given time. The current list will be posted on the bulletin board. The list for the following week will be on the clipboard near the bulletin board in the English 800 Lab. 

If there are no appointment times available, you may come to the lab during the hour you want to see an instructor and sign the stand-by list. Although there are no guarantees, more often than not, instructors can work people on stand-by into their schedules.

What happens if I need to cancel an appointment?
PLEASE KEEP ALL APPOINTMENTS, OR CALL TO CANCEL AS FAR IN ADVANCE OF YOUR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT AS POSSIBLE. CALL THE WRITING CENTER NUMBER AT: (650) 574-6539 and tell the aide your name, the time and day of your appointment and the instructor with whom you are scheduled to meet. Leave a message if there is no one to answer your call.

If you fail to cancel a scheduled appointment, you will be counted as a "No Show" for that time. The "No Show Penalty List" will be posted on the bulletin board next to the schedules. If you miss two appointments and have not called to cancel, you will lose the right to make another appointment.

When are specific instructors available?

English 800 Center, Fall 2015

8-9 am          
9-10 am Alunan 9:20-10  Newman 9:20-10  Stafford 9-9:40
Alunan 9:40-10 
Newman 9:20-10  Kitamura 9:20-10
Travis 9:50-10 
10-11 am Alunan 10-10:40  Newman 10-10:40  Alunan 10-10:40  Newman 10-10:40  Kitamura 10-10:40
11 am - 12 pm

Luck 11:10-12 

Scheffer 12-12:40  Luck 11:10-11:50  Luck 11:10-11:50
Scheffer 11:30-12 
Travis 11-11:10
Basnage 11:15-11:55 
12-1 pm Luck 12-12:30
Keller 12:30-1 
Scheffer 12-12:40
Keller 12:30-1 
Steele 12:10-1
Alunan 12:50-1 
Scheffer 12-12:50
Alunan 12:10-1 
1-2 pm Keller 1-1:50
Alunan 1:30-2 
Keller 1-1:50  Steele 1-1:30
Alunan   Stafford 1:10-1:50 
2-3 pm Alunan 2-2:30    Alunan 2-2:30  Alunan 2-2:30   
3-4 pm          
4-5 pm          
5-6 pm          
6-7 pm          
7-8:30 pm