Veterans Services at College of San Mateo - Collecting Benefits
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Veterans Services

Collecting Benefits

Certification for Payment of Benefits
To collect benefits, please submit an Enrollment Data Request (EDR) form to the Admissions and Records office each semester. On this form, you will list the classes you are registered in and would like to count toward collecting your benefits. The certifying official will then cross check the classes listed on the EDR with what is on your counselor-approved Veterans Education Plan. Those classes that appear on both forms is what you can be certified for.

If your educational objective changes, you must complete a new Declaration of Educational Objective form and meet with a counselor to develop a new Veterans Education Plan.

Post 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33)

Rate of Pay
Eligible veterans receive a percentage of the benefit for tuition and fees, monthly housing allowance, and book stipend based on the months of active duty service after 9/10/2001. Veterans must be certified for at least 6.5 units to receive the monthly housing allowance.

Break Pay between semesters
The VA is no longer issuing "break pay." The monthly housing allowance will only be paid for days when classes are in session. Veterans can expect smaller payments at the beginning and end of semesters as most semesters start and end in the middle of a month.


  • Tuition and fees
    Payment is made directly to College of San Mateo by the VA on behalf of the veteran.
  • Basic Housing Allowance
    A monthly housing allowance is paid directly to the student at the beginning of each month for the previous month.
    The monthly housing allowance paid equals the DOD's Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for an "E-5 with dependents"
    and the zip code of the school. You can find the BAH rates at
  • Books and supplies stipend
    Paid directly to the student when the school's enrollment certification is processed. The stipend pays $41.67 per unit certified. The maximum stipend is $1,000 per academic year.

Veterans are generally entitled to 36 months of benefits. Rate of Pursuit determines the number of months deducted from your entitlement for the length of the semester. VA calculates rate of pursuit by dividing the number of certified units by the number of units considered full-time by the school. In the case of College of San Mateo, 12 units is considered full-time. For example:
7 certified units is 58% of a month deducted from your 36 months of entitlement.

* Please note the following:

  • To receive your maximum entitlement you will need to be certified for 12 units. Being certified for less than full-time will prorate your monthly housing allowance (see Rate of Pay below)
  • The Post 9/11 GI Bill does not require monthly attendance verification by the veteran.
  • Veterans who have used Chapter 30 entitlement will only receive the number of months remaining under their entitlement.
  • Veterans who exhaust their Chapter 30 entitlement and then apply for Chapter 33 will receive up to an additional 12 months of Chapter 33 entitlement. 

Rate of Pay (Chapter 30, 33, 35, 1606, 1607)
The rate of pay depends on the number of units that were certified. It breaks down like this:

  • 12 units = full benefits;
  • 9 through 11.5 units = ¾ benefits
  • 6 though 8.5 units = ½ benefits
  • 3 through 5.5 units = ¼ benefits

Keep in mind that the Summer Semester unit value is different than the fall and spring terms. For summer term, 6 units is full-time if the class runs 8 weeks long or longer. If the class is only six weeks long, then four units is considered full-time.
For payment rates, visit the GI Bill website.

Monthly Verification (Chapter 33, 1606, 1607)
Active duty veterans and reservists must verify their enrollment at the end of each month or the very beginning of the new month to receive their monthly payment. To verify your enrollment online go to VA WAVE website. On this website you can:

  • Submit a monthly verification of enrollment
  • Report a change in enrollment
  • Report a change in mailing address
  • Change a direct deposit
  • View current benefit information
  • Sign up for a monthly reminder message