Transition to College at College of San Mateo - Classes
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Friday, July 3, 2015
College for Kids!
Monday-Friday, July 6-23
Registration for Fall 2015
May 5 - August 16
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Transition to College


CRER 879: Transition to College - Provide students with personal, social and academic skills needed for a successful transition into college.

CRER 138: Wellness & Skill Development for Career Growth - Learn life skills that will help you in career and personal life.

CRER 140: Introducation to Peer Mentoring - An orientation and training course to develop peer counseling skills and explores the counseling process.

CRER 142: Advanced Peer Counseling - An in-depth study of aspects of counseling theory and practice that is applicable to peer counseling placements where the peer counselor is the primary provider of service and requires advanced problem solving and intervention skills.

Our classes can lead to certificates, degrees and, most of all, a life-changing experience.