Transition to College at College of San Mateo - TTC Collaboration with Community Agencies
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Transition to College

Collaboration with Community Agencies

Transition to College Program for
Students with Psychological Disabilities 

Collaboration with community agencies and consumer groups is key to the success ofCollegeofSan Mateo’s Transition to College Program (TTC). Since 1991, members of the College of San Mateo (CSM) administration and faculty have met monthly with representatives from various county mental health agencies and consumer groups to develop and maintain collaborative educational support services to students with psychiatric disabilities. These agencies and groups have accepted various responsibilities as part of a joint effort to support students with psychological disabilities to be successful.

Key agencies and their specific contributions are:

San Mateo County Mental Health Services

  • Assists in recruitment of students
  • Provides consultation to Transition to College staff
  • Hosts, with the CSM, in-service trainings for County Mental Health staff and other community providers on supported post-secondary education
  • Provides, through contracts with other non-profit agencies, a peer counseling instructor/supervisor, instructional assistants for skill development and orientation to college classes, and an on-campus      educational case manager to assist students with difficulties affecting school progress
  • Seeks out grants and funding sources to support various TTC program components

Caminar: A Rehabilitation Agency

  • Acts as a source of student referral to the project
  • Serves as the main contractor for San Mateo County Mental Health in providing case management, peer counseling training and supervision, instructional assistants to the TTC program
  • Consults to program staff
  • Writes funding proposals and administers grants that support various TTC components
  • Assists the college in the development of specialized curriculum for career and human services classes utilized by the TTC program.
  • Hosts parties, graduation celebrations, trainings and events

Mental Health Association of San Mateo County

  • Assists in student recruitment
  • Writes funding proposals and administers grants received
  • Facilitated the consultation and research collaboration between College of San Mateo and Boston University’s Center of Psychiatric Rehabilitation
  • Provides leadership in the collaboration of community agencies and the College of San Mateo

San Mateo County Vocational Rehabilitation Services

  • Provides job development and job placement for students
  • Assists in student recruitment
  • Provides off-campus monitoring of students
  • Provides consultation to Transition staff
  • Assists students with vocational goals to access State Department of Rehabilitation funding and services
  • Assists the college in the development of curriculum for human services and career classes utilized by the TTC program

Jobs Plus

  • Provides job placement and job development for students
  • Provides consultation to TTC staff
  • Seeks funding to support job retention services for working students
  • Provides guest instructors for TTC career classes

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

  • Assists in student recruitment
  • Provides consultation and supportive materials to Transition staff
  • Provides leadership in contact with legislators regarding funding augmentations for services to students with psychiatric disabilities
  • Provides book scholarship fund
  • Holds fundraising events to benefit Supported Education

Peninsula Network of Mental Health Clients

  • Assists in student recruitment
  • Provided an in-service training for College counseling staff on removing the stigma of mental illness
  • Provides student speakers for various conference presentations related to this program
  • Contributes to a book scholarship fund

National Outreach for Mental Health (Stomp Out Stigma)

  • Provides anti-stigma presentations to College faculty,      staff and students

Proper coordination with community agencies is essential to the process of recruiting and screening potential students, disability verification, crisis intervention and student monitoring. Important to this process is the active involvement and support of College administration in the development and maintenance of agreements with community groups.