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Swim Team

swim team


Key Swimmers

Andrea Chan (Mills) – Qualified for CCS in high school Andrea is the best distance swimmer to date at CSM.  She will swim the mile, 200 IM and 100 fly and has a legitimate chance at qualifying for State Finals in all three events.  She has the potential to be the first female State qualifier in CSM history.

Najelah Najdawi (El Camino) – Qualified for CCS in high school, Najelah is fast in the freestyle.  She will need to get after it to qualify for States but she could be the fastest female sprinter ever for Team CSM.

Suzanne Brown (Hillsdale) – Suzanne returns this year hoping to improve from last year’s success.  Suzanne is our fastest sophomore as she made finals at the Coast Conference meet in 2009 in all three of her events.

The team
Zoe Davidson – Half Moon Bay
Ruby Myint – Terra Nova
Samantha Miglian – Aragon
Coco Morton – Hillsdale
Megan Dillon – Mercy Burlingame
Mellissa Chao – Notre Dame
Belen Lastra
Jocelyn Chapman
Tetyana Proskurina
Karen Mamuyac


Key Swimmers

Ryan Smith (El Camino) – Qualified for CCS in high school, Ryan is tall and fast, a true sprinter.  He could be the fastest swimmer in CSM’s modern era.

Carlos Sanchez (Terra Nova) – Qualified for CCS in high school, Carlos returns to the Bay after time away.  He set over half the records at Terra Nova and hasn’t missed a beat as he returns to CSM with phenomenal distance potential.

Chris Garner (El Camino) – Team CSM’s fastest guy last year, he was the top scoring swimmer at Conference Finals in 2009 for CSM.

Nickey Reynicke (Peru) – What a find, a new student to CSM he showed up and has tremendous speed in a variety of events.

The team…
Derek Chui – Hillsdale
Oliver Draper – Aragon
Tommy Hart – Terra Nova
Juan Ramirez – Jefferson
Ian Smale – Aragon
Maurice Schmidt - Sequioa