Student Experience at College of San Mateo
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Student Experience
Rodney Roberson
Rodney Roberson Certified Peer Support Specialist

My journey for clarity into drug and alcoholism treatment began at the Homeless Veterans Rehabilitation Program (HVRP) on the Veterans campus in Menlo Park, California.  While residing at HVRP, I established a strong desire to create a personal development plan not only to benefit myself, my family,  aspired to assist individuals, Veterans and whosoever may suffer from addiction.

However, I introduced myself to Professor Angela Stocker and we discussed my academic goals, ideas, and the remaining of the story is history. Professor Stocker gave me the counseling and encouragement that I needed, I registered into the Alcohol and Other Drugs Studies Program (which I completed 05/17/2013)) with the support, genuine interest of the faculty and staff that I received while attending College of San Mateo, I am a better man and human being for this experience. I will remain a loyal supporter of College of San Mateo forever.

My academic experience at the College of San Mateo will be always be a matter of reference (I would recommend CSM to all) no matter where my academics may take me. I am a CSM Bulldog forever.

My professors continually stress the importance of furthering your education and they inspire me and all students to even greater academic, career heights. I am eternally gratefully for the counseling, encouragement, caring, and last but certainly not of the least the complete and thorough prospectus syllabus that is presented to all students by the professors at College of San Mateo geared toward the success of all students.